Teaching Internship

The teaching internship year is also called the Professional Year because it encompasses the last two semesters of each program. This is a time when the teaching experience becomes more intensive in a Professional Development School (PDS).

Most Towson interns participate in a PDS for the Professional Year, as per MSDE requirements. In some cases a non-PDS setting is appropriate for certain programs as per MSDE guidelines. Across all programs the expectations for mentors, interns and supervisors are comparable and are customized to reflect Towson’s high standards for preparation of interns across varied sites.

Interns are immersed in the full range of teacher duties to become proficient in teaching responsibilities and knowledgeable about the school culture, the P-12 students and faculty, the instructional program and non-instructional activities such as classroom set-up, committee meetings, faculty meetings, duties, and parent conferences. Principals who have hired Towson graduates report that they perform more like a second-year teacher in their schools because of all the valuable experiences the internship has provided for them.

In addition to the planning and teaching an intern must do for the classroom, there are additional requirements in the professional year above and beyond the school day. Since this is such a demanding time for interns, we strongly suggest that interns do not work an additional job, especially during the full-time internship semester. The intern’s performance during the internship is most important for the impact on the achievement of P-12 students and for the thorough preparation of (and future job prospects for) the interns.

Prospective and current students should contact their respective departments for specific details about the internship for their programs.

Prior to the Professional Year the CPP conducts orientations for all programs to provide information about professional conduct, completing the internship application on TIMS, and required Criminal Background Checks.