Tips for Taking the Praxis II

Arrive on time - Be sure candidates arrive at their designated test center on time. For paper-delivered tests, they should report to the test center at the reporting time shown on their admission ticket. Candidates taking computer-delivered tests should report to the test center 30 minutes prior to the time listed on their admission ticket. Test locations sometimes change, so encourage students to confirm the test location before test day by logging in to their Praxis account.

Bring admission ticket - Candidates must log in to their Praxis account to print a copy of their admission ticket and bring it with them to the test center. Candidates can print their ticket from their Praxis account.

Bring proper ID - Test takers who do not bring proper ID to the test center will not be able to test. Remind your candidates to carefully review ID requirements for acceptable documentation.

Leave behind personal items - Candidates should not bring cell phones, smartphones, PDAs or other electronic, recording, listening or photographic devices to the test center. Test takers who bring such devices to the test center will be dismissed from the test and their test scores will not be reported. Fees will not be refunded.

Check calculator use - Candidates should check to see if their test allows the use of a calculator by reviewing the calculator use guidelines.

Bring pencils - Candidates taking paper-delivered tests should bring three or four well-sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers. They may also bring a blue or black pen if constructed-response questions are on their test.