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How Do I . . . 

  1. Select the Change of Major/Minor Form available from the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Login using your TU login ID and password.
  3. Complete the form. If you are only Changing Your Track, do not delete anything on your current form. Scroll down to the “Additional Comments” section and type that you are your change your track to ___ . If you are Declaring/Adding Your Track, select one of the options under the Mass Communication Major. If you are Changing or Adding a Major or Minor, fill in all required fields. Be sure to delete a previous major or minor if you are dropping it.
  4. A notification will be sent from Enrollment Services verifying your declaration, addition or change.

Petitions and Forms: Registrar's Office Forms

  • Petition to transfer courses into your MCOM major or minor
  • Petition to transfer in other new course work
  • Petition to attempt a course for the third time
  • Drop/Add form

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