The many performance ensembles of the Department of Music at Towson University include a symphony orchestra, concert wind bands, several choirs, a "Music for the Stage" program, jazz ensembles, and numerous small instrumental ensembles. Populated by student musicians, including both music majors and non-majors, our ensembles present dozens of concerts on campus every semester. Follow the links in the menu for more information about all our ensembles. Audition information for Spring 2024 is below.

Spring 2024 Audition Information

TU Choirs

Everyone is welcome to join a choral ensemble at Towson!

For more information, please contact for University Chorale, Treble Voices* and Choral Society and for Men's Chorus.

* Open to all self-identified women

Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra

Auditions for both ensembles will take place in Dr. Cicconi's office, in person, which is room CA 3089 (percussion in 3071). You can sign up for a time RIGHT NOW on this google sheet.

Auditions will take place on Monday, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th. PERCUSSION, your audition information and excerpts are forthcoming, stay tuned. The first rehearsals will take place the second week of classes, the week of February 5th.

Ensemble rehearsal and meeting times are as follows:

  • Wind Ensemble meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:20pm (Cicconi, Conductor)
  • Symphony Orchestra meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm-5:20pm (Cicconi, Conductor)
  • Symphonic Band meets Wednesdays from 6:30pm-9:00pm (Fischer, Conductor)

Please be sure to SIGN UP and REGISTER for the ensembles. ALL band students should register for Symphonic Band, MUSA 261/461/661.  If you cannot register, THIS IS FINE, please audition and we will get you registered once auditions are completed.

During the audition process (blind auditions) you will be asked to play the attached excerpts in the dropbox link below.  Please find your particular instrument, download the file, and prepare the selection. You only need to prepare the selections that are within the brackets.  Please note, your excerpts may be over a span of 1-2 pages, be sure to download them all but only play the excerpts within the brackets. Excerpts for Winds taken from TRAVELER by Maslanka and Excerpts for Strings taken from ROMEO AND JULIET by Tchaikovsky.

  • Audition music can be found at this dropbox link.
  • Listening examples of audition music can be found at this link.

Please sign up for the class, band and/or orchestra as soon as possible.  If you need to be authorized, please let Dr. Cicconi know immediately. AGAIN, if you cannot register, THIS IS FINE, please audition and we will get you registered once auditions are completed. NOTE: If you have a class conflict, this is OK, we can work it out, just let Dr. Cicconi know what the conflict is and we can be flexible. We want EVERYONE to play.

STRING PLAYERS: All string players will be placed in symphony orchestra. The audition will simply help me find your seating placements.  Play at tempos that are most comfortable for you.

The repertoire for this semester is some of the very best yet, so, please consider playing again. It is going to be AWESOME.

Both groups have exciting performances over the course of the semester and I cannot wait to work with you all again.  I look forward to a terrific semester of music making and am proud and humbled, as always, to be your director!

Please feel free to email with any and all questions. Very much looking forward to seeing you all (and...I MISS YOU ALL). LET'S GO! DrC

Jazz Orchestra

Anyone interested in auditioning for the TU Jazz Orchestra, or who would like more information, please contact Jim McFalls () directly.