Course Registration

Information for Spring 2019

Music Department courses, lessons, ensembles, recitals requiring department consent must be listed on the Request for Authorization Form (Music Office needs TWO COPIES of the request form, Follow instructions).

You will not receive authorization until you meet with your advisor. Undergraduates must attach the advising verification form to their Request for Authorization Form.  

It is your advisor’s responsibility to lift your advising hold and/or Student Degree Plan hold after you meet with him/her.  You must contact your advisor if he or she failed to do so.

Incomplete forms or forms turned in before the schedule listed on the Procedures and Deadlines for Music Courses/Lessons/Recitals/Ensembles will not be considered.

It is your responsibility to enroll in the courses – this system only allows the Music Office to authorize you so that you can register.   ADHERE TO ALL ENROLLMENT DEADLINES!

FOR LESSONS – If you take 2 units (credits), you must manually type in “2” under the units tab.  If you do not, the system defaults at one credit.  Remember, you are authorized for lessons, NOT the number of units – it is your responsibility to sign up for the correct number of units.  The Music Office will check the total number of lesson units you have taken, and if you have exceeded the number required for your degree program, you will be charged the higher lesson fee. You will also be charged the higher fee if you do not enroll by the posted deadline.

If you are giving your student degree recital, you must enroll in the proper course in order to earn the credit you need to graduate.

Seats for department consent courses are given out on a “first come, first serve” basis (with the exceptions noted below). Although seats may appear to be available online, it does not mean that the course is still open.  The Music Office assigns “seats” based on the enrollment capacity for the course and students may not always register the same day they have been authorized.  There may be instances where upper classmen will be given priority for seats in a class (based on graduation needs, being shut out of a course previously, etc.).

Students are expected to show regular progress completing required courses in the areas of theory, musicianship, music history, methods, lessons and ensembles.  NO MORE than 3 MUSC, MUED, or MUSA courses may be repeated.  NO MORE than one of these courses may be repeated a second time after an approved petition to the department chair and/or chair of the advising committee.

Prerequisites for courses will be checked.  Additionally, the department considers any prior registration in a MUSC or MUED course when issuing “seats.”  Priority to register for a required course will be given to those who have NOT yet attempted the course.  If a student remains registered for a MUSC or MUED course after the end of the university’s official change of schedule period and is attempting a third registration, authorization will be issued on a space-available basis ONLY after all other students have requested a seat.

Ensembles require department consent (exception – Choral Society, Pep Band, Concert Band).  You are limited to a maximum of 3 ensembles per semester.  If you are interested in one of the chamber ensembles, improvisation ensembles, combos, Popular Ensemble, or Vocal Jazz Ensemble, obtain the instructor’s signature or initials on the Request for Authorization form before you turn it in to the Music Office.  The Music Office will need to know the section and level in which you are to enroll.  If the instructor is listed as “Staff,” contact the division leader of that area so that he or she can sign the form.

After you receive authorization, your course authorization form will be at the front desk in the Music Office.   DO NOT send emails to the Music Office asking why you cannot enroll in a course.  The reason(s) is/are noted on the confirmation form.

Mac Users - Preview does not render these forms correctly. Download and open in Adobe Acrobat.