Latino/a Identity

Latinx (i.e., gender neutral term for Latino/a) students at Towson University come from diverse cultural, national, linguistic, and racial origins. Individuals in this community belong to varying racial groups, speak different languages and have cultural ties to many different countries.

Latina Identity

For some, being Latinx is a central aspect of who they are while others may find other identities are more salient (e.g. race, religion, immigration status, social class, sexual orientation, etc.).  Latinx is a term primarily used in the United States and encompasses a broad variety of cultural backgrounds and nationalities. Therefore the experiences of members of this heterogeneous community vary widely. 

Some of the unique experiences of Latinx students include:

  • Holding U.S. American values/customs as well Latin American cultural values
  • Skills as bilingual and/or bicultural individuals
  • Understanding one’s Latinx identity in a predominantly White institution (PWI)
  • Having fewer Latinx role models in positions of power
  • Stereotypes or assumptions about the Latinx community 
  • Being a first generation college student or citizen
  • Distress resulting from experiences of discrimination and/or prejudice

Clinicians at the Counseling Center recognize the importance of cultural identities and their impact on your mental well-being.  They can therefore be a great resource.  Below we outline a variety of other resources, both on and off-campus, that can support you through these experiences.  



  • Center for Student Diversity (University Union, Room 313). The Center for Student Diversity supports the access and academic success of historically under-represented groups through programs and services that enhance the student experience. Joel Bolling is the Senior Director of the Center and leads the Latina/o Student Development area. For more information, visit the center website.
  • Career Center (7800 York Road, Suite 206; phone 410-704-2233). Contact the Career Center for resources and assistance with choosing a major, making career decisions, and developing connections to the world of work. For more information, visit the center website.
  • Academic Achievement Center (Cook Library). The Academic Achievement Center is a full-service learning center designed to assist students achieve their academic goals. The Center offers tutoring, workshops, academic coaching, and placement testing. For more information, refer to the center website.
  • Towson University Counseling Center (Ward & West). For support as you adjust to Towson or for mental health services call or visit the Towson University Counseling Center. For more information, refer to the center website.
  • CASA de Maryland is a group of passionate, community-conscious people working to organize, advocate for, and expand opportunities for Latino and immigrant people in the state of Maryland. 
  • CASA de Maryland Multicultural Center: 8151 15th Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20783; Tel: (301) 431-4185; Fax: (301) 408-4123
  • Salud es Vida Bilingual Health Hotline: (8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday) Tel: (301) 270-8432
Online Resources