Transfer Students

Towson strives for every student to feel like an integral part of the university. Towson transfer students come from a number of local, regional, and distant colleges and universities, and are an integral part of the Towson community.


Welcome to Towson University - we are glad you came here! Depending on where you were before, coming here may be a large (or small) transition for you with lots of new stuff to learn and get used to. It is completely normal to feel stressed, excited, and overwhelmed by the transition of being on a new campus.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer services until you are an enrolled student at Towson University. So if you are currently enrolled in another college and planning to transfer to TU, but are currently interested in services - please contact the counseling center at your current institution.

We recognize that transferring to a new university presents a unique set of challenges and it can take some time to feel like a part of the Towson community. Obstacles some transfer students face include:

  • Finding your way around campus
  • Connecting with faculty
  • Feeling socially isolated
  • Building relationships with fellow students
  • Adjusting to Towson University's environment
  • An overall awareness of campus services and resources

These struggles are common among transfer students.  It is important to be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to experience this transition. Although struggling to connect and feeling overwhelmed/frustrated by the process of adjusting to a new campus suggest the need for support, transfer students may be reluctant to seek counseling services regarding these difficulties.

Tips to Ease the Transition

  • Get familiar with campus by walking or driving around, taking a campus tour, or riding the bus.
  • Read your campus emails to learn about campus events you can attend to meet people.
  • Utilize campus resources (see below for more information).
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions of people you see on campus! 




Online Resources