Multicultural Awareness


Regardless of your own ethnic or racial identities, we at the Counseling Center reiterate how important the commitment to the value of multicultural awareness is to being a prosocial citizen on campus.

Spend some time reviewing these resources to learn more about how to "walk the walk" when it comes to being  more multi-culturally aware member of our community.

The Counseling Center really believes that no matter what is bringing you to the center, having a safe space to explore how culture is playing a role is essential.  

Our clients and our staff bring lots of different visible and invisible identities to the table.  Whether you are working with a counselor who appears to have similar or different identities from your own, you can be sure that your counselor is invested in understanding your unique perspective.

Multicultural Student Organizations

There are so many student organizations that represent the diverse minds of TU. We have compiled a small list below, but take a look at the CSD (Center for Student Diversity) webpage or visit Involved at TU to look up more clubs and organizations.


Watch these Videos for more information on multicultural awareness


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