Non-Traditional Students

Students at Towson University who are returning to school, re-entering after an extended absence, or attending for the first time are known as Non-Traditional Students. This is an online guide to campus resources and support services, as well as links to other websites that may be beneficial to your education. We recognize that nontraditional students have many priorities in their lives and attend school for a variety of reasons. The information on this web site will assist you as you pursue your own personal educational and professional goals.

Non-Traditional Student

What is a nontraditional student?

Non-traditional students are generally defined not only by age (usually outside of the traditional college age range of 18-22), but also by life circumstances different from the typical traditional college student. Some non-traditional students may be returning to college to advance their career, or may even be closer to retirement. Some non-traditional students are returning to school after a period of time in the work force or working in their home, while others are entering college for the first time. Non-traditional students may be partnered or single, with or without children, and enrolled in college full or part time. Younger students with responsibilities of a family may also be considered nontraditional students.


  • The Adult Student’s Guide to Survival and Success, 5th Edition by Al Siebert, Ph.D. and Mary Karr, M.S.
  • New Beginnings: A Guide for Adult Learners and Returning Students by Linda Simon
  • Never Too Late to Learn: An Adult Student’s Guide to College by Vicky Phillips
  • How to Earn a College Degree: When You Think You are Too Old, Too Busy, Too Broke and Too Scared by E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D.