Degree Completion Plans

The Degree Completion Plan is a document that charts your way to completing your Biology Major.

Preparing a Degree Completion Plan for the Biology Major

A Degree Completion Plan shows the sequence of courses that a student plans to take to complete their degree.

Maryland state law requires that all students have an approved Degree Completion Plan by the midpoint of their sophomore year, i.e., when they have completed 45 units/credits of coursework. Transfer students must complete a plan in their first semester at TU.  The Degree Completion Plan must be completed and approved before a student will be allowed to register for courses in subsequent semesters.

Many Biology majors complete their plan as part of the BIOL 204 - Educational and Career Planning for the Biology Major course.  Students who have not taken BIOL 204 complete their plan by working with their academic advisor. 

To complete your plan, start by reading the Instructions (link below).  Also below are forms you will need, as well as much information that will help you formulate a plan.

Doing Your Degree Completion Plan for the Biology Major


Forms and Information You Need to Complete Your Plan



Course Checklist for Biology Concentrations (Pick your Concentration)

General guides

Sample 4-year plans

Medical studies guidelines