Senior Capstone Experience

All Environmental Science and Studies students complete a capstone course. One option for this capstone course is ENVS 491: Senior Seminar. One of the major components of ENVS 491is a class project. The goal of the project is for students to apply the skills and knowledge obtained through their academic studies to a "real" situation.

Senior Seminar Projects

Requests for class projects have come from individuals both on-campus and off-campus. Campus based projects often come from members of the Facility Management staff. Campus issues were addressed in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2009. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, different types of challenges facing the local community were explored. The class is given the "charge" for the project from a member of the group looking for help and the class provides a mid-term update during the semester. The final report is posted here and is also delivered through poster presentations to the appropriate community at the end of the term.


Towson Public Life Study (PDF) by Aashish Aacharya, Samantha Adrian, Amanda Akins, Eric Caswell, Shelby Conrad, Bianca Cooper, Ryan Crouse, Brittney DeBaugh, Timothy Dunn, Kallie Fullem, Kayla Haile, Nicholas Healy, Thomas Scalley, III, Melanie Smith, Lauren Wells

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Brian Fath



Baltimore County Government Greenhouse Gas Inventory for 2012 (PDF)(by Tyler Bailey, Tim Dziwulski, Rachel McCloskey, Kiley Gilbert, Max Chlada, Sarah Johnson, Kellen Lamp, Eric Simmons 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Fath

Baltimore County Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory (PDF) by Bianca Aryal, Jessica Cherewich, Andrew Field, Andrew Glinsky, Baruke Griffin, Malshauna Hamm, Justin Lemly, Jack Valenti, Kendal Williams

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Brian Fath


B'More Green Schools:  Increasing Efficiently and Enhancing Education (PDF) by Holly Burkhardt, Lea Corddry, Eric DiMeo, Tynekia Garrett, Cara Hostetler, Heather Kampe, Brett Kilczewski, Margaret Kozloski, Mary Powell, Matthew Sheils, Lee Single, William J. Smith, Skyla Steele, Ryan Streett.   Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jane L. Wolfson


Reducing our Food Print (PDF) by Kevin Antoszewski, Emily Beckhardt, James Bunty, Margaret Chan, Lauren Davidson, Colin deLeyer, Bridey Gallagher, Scott Healy, Lauren Lehman, Steven S. Miller, Carrie Moore, Edward A. Plato, Kevin Ryan, Owen Sherrod, Meredith Springsteen, Rachael Titone, Tinsae B. Tolossa, Nicole Voelker, Karen Zeiter,  Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jane L. Wolfson


Releaf Baltimore (PDF) by Heidi Blumenschein, Christopher A. Correnti, Patrick DeArmey, Samantha Easter, Karyn Hawley, Cole Hiller, Christopher Howard, Erin Hysan, Nicholas Kurtz, Jason Levenson, Gaelan O. Lewis, Jason Mathias, Karli Murray, Margaret Paulson, William Saffell, Sara Smith, Fred Teasley, and Caitlin White.  Faculty mentor:  Dr. Jane L. Wolfson

Towson University: Green Fleet Forward (PDF) by Rachel Brauer, David Bullis, Devin Byrne, Amanda Deering, Lisa Duckett, Don Griswold, Timothy Herndon, David Hinson, Mary Howard, Joshua Johnson, Kevin Kelly, Ryan McDonald, John Pond III, Malinda Ross, Bryce Selby, Alice Sterns, Elizabeth Sylvia, Michelle Townsel and Gary Wilkins. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson

Connecting Deer, Forests and Water Quality (PDF) by students in the Senior Seminar Class of 2008. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson

The 'Forests' of Owings Mills: Past Present and Future (PDF) by Teresa Barltley, Gaurav Bisht, Patrick Breitenbach, Timothy Broderick, Adam Busey, Lauren Ciemny, Daniel Davis, Robert Flora, Shannon H. Kropkowski, Matthew Krukowski, Andrea Lamartin, Ronald Melchior, Bradley Mowbray, Dushyanthi Niyangoda, Mike Shannon and Hee Song. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson.

Home Energy Audit (PDF) by  Tim Carney, Jackie Carroll, Casey Fitzpatrick, Tom Hansford, Marguerite Harden, Aimee Harris, Brent Hood, Danielle Hurst, Amanda Joseph, Lu Anne Kimmitt, Emily Larson, Matt McCloskey, Megan McCormick, Tim McJilton, Emma Noonan, Angela Pacelli, Scott Pervola, Schuyler Pulleyn, Chris Renzo, Meghan Robinson, Josiland Sledge, Kane Stoner, Michael Valenti and Jahmilla Wilson. Faculty mentor: Dr. Brian Fath.

Small Farms in Maryland: Big Challenges for a Shrinking Community (PDF) by Hope Benser, Matthew Comstock, Rachel Durling, Michael Edillon, Krystal Freeman, Matthew Gallant, Michelle Harshman, Karl Hellmann, Timothy Hess, Megan Killian, Laura Mannone, Kelly McManus, Stephan Owe, John Roberts, Eleanor Sokol, Andrea Trageser and Ashley Trump. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson.

Electrical Energy Assessment at Towson University: How much do we use, how much can we save? (PDF) by Matthew Bechtel, Dan Bianca, Justin Callahan, Dennis Coyle, Jared Dubrowsky, Mike Hauser, Jenni Hayter, Janice Hilliard, Debra Joseph, Kate Kritcher, Chiharu Koda, John Maciolek, Ephraim Maduabuchi, Jessica Maszaros, Jon Moore, Jesse Quinn, Keith Shepherd and Amanda Stansburge. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson. 

Managing the Landscape of Towson University: Becoming a Model (PDF) by Dena Bober, Brandi Hale, Michael Hansen, Jennelle Kershaw, Curt Kleinsorg, Ephraim Maduabuchi, Michael Malone, Timothy Marshall, Julie Okronley, Matt Rescott, Erin Shutt, Joseph Vogelpohl and Elizabeth Yarbrough. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson.

Recyling at Towson University: Where We Are and Where We Can Go (PDF) by Gladys Apolonio, Douglas Bange, Cathy Bay, Jessica Bilecki, Christi Boone, Megan Brosh, Paul Clark, Jim Clay, Christopher Connelly, Curtis Hall, James Karl, Jason Krankowski. Adrienne McDonough, Carla Quinn, Michael Schlenoff, Angelia Seyfferth, Lance Smith, Tausi Suedi and Mary Valentino.  Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson.

Composting at Towson University: A Feasibility Study (PDF) by Julia Bicht, Matt Cherigo, Brad Dutterer, Shelley Jesatko, Jody Lewis, Chrissy Murphy, Chris Quinn and Tara Ryan. Faculty mentor: Dr. Jane L. Wolfson.