Celebrating the class of 2022

Share in the success, academic achievements and indelible mark graduates have made on the TU community.

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The 2022 Winter Commencement ceremonies Dec. 21–22 at SECU Arena celebrated the summer and fall 2022 Towson University graduates.

These newest TU graduates join a community of more than 186,000 Tiger alumni around the globe putting their degrees to use to solve complex problems and make the world a better place.

Below, we highlight several of our graduates who overcame obstacles, seized opportunities and are ready to tackle new challenges with their TU degrees. We also share photos that capture the excitement and genuine emotion of the two days of Commencement ceremonies. And you can relive the experience through the highlight video above.


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Undergraduate Students


Graduate Students

College of Health Professions

Gregory Chartier

“Research has been most impactful on my TU experience. Being a research assistant enabled me to experience amazing opportunities and has further prepared me for my future professional goals. I am also thankful to have met my awesome mentors and to have made many friends.”

Chartier is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

student in cap and gown


student in cap and gown with streamers
College of Fine Arts & Communication

Troy Koger

“I would like to encourage my fellow graduates to boldly make their mark in the world! I wish everyone luck in finding their true voice. Everyone has the capability to do great things and make a positive impact on our world if they have the will to do so.”

Koger is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in voice performance.


College of Health Professions

Bethany Anderson

“This degree holds so much meaning as a Black, first-generation American. Education runs in my blood, but to know that I was able to get to this moment is surreal. I hope that I inspire a new generation to take interest in the field.”

Anderson is graduating with a doctoral degree in audiology.

student in cap and gown
Student holding TU balloons
College of Fine Arts & Communication, College of Business & Economics

Caleb Spencer

“The resources I had access to as an artist was the most impactful part of my TU experience. To my fellow graduates, I hope we can all look out for each other whenever we get the chance in the real world. And to underclassmen, make sure to take advantage of your time here.”

Spencer is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in art + design with a concentration in photographic imaging and a minor in marketing.


College of Business & Economics

Zobaria Ashraf

“Higher education was my lifelong dream, but this was a near-impossible dream for me since I am not a regular student. I am married with four kids. In my culture, it is very unusual for a woman with kids to pursue a career. So, I had no path to a career before enrolling at Towson University. Now, I am so proud of myself that I am able to obtain this degree and I am certain it will give hope to other women like me that dreams can come true.”

Ashraf is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Student in cap and gown holding 22 balloons
Graduates throw cap at camera
College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, Fisher College of Science & Mathematics

Malachi & Rasul Wright

“We told each other whatever we major in, we want to give back to our community on a daily basis. That’s why we went into education, to help make an impact.” –Malachi

“We grew up wanting to influence our community. We see it as a civic duty. Being proud of where we come from, our lineage, our heritage, our communities—we’re proud of it and we want to take care of it.” –Rasul

Rasul is graduating with a bachelor's degree in history with a concentration in secondary education. Malachi is graduating with a bachelor's degree in biology with a concentration in secondary education.



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