Online & Hybrid Teaching

FACET is dedicated to working with our institutional partners to provide faculty members at Towson University the most updated evidence-based resources on designing and delivering effective online and hybrid courses.

We ask that you join us in being proactive and consider these teaching and learning strategies or other ways to support student success.

Enhancing Online Student Success

Record your classroom meetings and post recordings on your Blackboard course page.

Hold virtual office hours using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

View this brief video to learn how to do this: Blackboard Collaborate for Virtual Office Hours 

Give students who are absent the opportunity to participate in a class that they missed through the use of the discussion board tool within Blackboard.

  • Creating Rigorous Online Discussion Board Assignments
  • Additional discussion tips:
    • Extend in-person class discussions to the Discussion Board.
    • Design in-person class discussions that require thoughtful and detailed responses.
    • These discussions require more time than the in-person class period.
    • Post the discussion question or prompt on the week’s discussion board forum.
    • After the in-person class meeting, ask one of the students to summarize the discussion on the online forum as a prompt for the whole class.
    • All students, including the ones who are absent, can contribute to the discussion.

After uploading the recorded classroom session, use a short VoiceThread for clarifying questions that students raised in the in-person class. This could include additional sources or explanation about learning activities. This VoiceThread video can be uploaded inside the weekly folder.

Here are some additional ideas that will help you to create and offer your exam easily for online deployment.

  • Review your placement of assignments in your syllabus and consider moving those due in the first weeks of class to later dates.
  • For laboratory courses, frontload “lecture” portions of your course, moving lab meetings until later in the semester.
  • Send Announcements with information about learning activities that will be the focus of the in-person class meeting.



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