Change Agent Network

Welcome to the Stratus project. Together we're building the future of Towson University’s modern business systems.

What is the Change Agent Network? 

The Change Agent Network is a collaborative group of individuals from across the University whose purpose is to share information and collect feedback with an emphasis on the end-user experience. 

Who are the Change Agents?

The Stratus Financials Change Agent Network is made up of the Project Leadership Team, the TU Project Team, the Business Process Advisory Group, supervisors of existing PeopleSoft Financials users, and executive and administrative assistants.

Lori Armstrong
Dena Barnwell
Charlotte Basta
Vasu Bhatt
Jeri Bielas
Carey Bonvegna
Keisha Bownes
Brian Bunker
Kevin Burke
Jasmine Carr
Matthew Chambers
Vicki Cohen
Reginald Cole
Tammy Cross
Barbara Czajkowski
Natalie Dabrowski
Kimberly Definbaugh
Kassandra Doy
Abbie Ecton
Nurah El-Fayoumy
Karen Eskow
Ashley Faherty
Latonya Ford
Dianne Franklin
Jayne French
Megan Friedman
Carol Gebhardt
Karen Gempp
Sharon Glennen
Elizabeth Healey
Vickie Hook
Eric Jones
Jessica Katz
Steve Kettinger
Dawn Kuessner
Julie Lanahan
James Lasher
Bonnie Lingelbach
Lorie Logan-Bennett
Deanna Martinez 
Patrick Mascio
Terence McCann
Cassandra McCarthy
Marybeth Merryman
Louise Miller
Jenna Mills
Amy Moffatt
Christina Morgan
Kathleen Mosier
Kathleen Murray
Danielle Myers
Victoria Napper
Li Ni
Renee Norman
Sherrie-Lee Nunally
Monica Pasko
Karen Powell
Kyle Rae
Laila Richman
Carol Ridge
Patricia Roger
Donna Rogers
Gail Schley
Paul Schuler
Elizabeth Shearer
Grady Sheffield
Jake Smith
Heather Sorensen
Adrianne Spann
Jen Stano
Christine Tennies
Dacia Thomas
Ruth Thomas
Renee Timms
Heather Tolson
Tabatha Uhrich
Norma Urbina
Amy Vickers
Sabrina Viscomi
Janet Walker
Marie Weber
Jean West
Patricia Westerman
Carol Wettersten
Heather Wilson
Natasha Zhalkovsky
Paula Zyne

Stratus Financials Archived Resources: Executive and Administrative Assistants 

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