Engagement & Service Opportunities

Change toward a more democratic society doesn't just happen; it depends on people stepping up and doing the work of leadershipmaking connections, offering a vision, mobilizing others, recognizing and seizing opportunities.  

The Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility empowers students, faculty, and staff to be socially aware and active leaders with the passion and knowledge to enhance their communities – and the world.

Langenberg Legacy Fellows

The University System of Maryland (USM) Langenberg Legacy Program invites applicants for the inaugural class of Langenberg Legacy Fellows. Students who are motivated to improve the world we live in through local, justice-oriented action are encouraged to apply.

The USM is committed to civic education and civic engagement, and the Langenberg Legacy is a grant program that supports this priority by funding student-led projects dedicated to civic engagement. The existential threats of our time include wealth inequality, the climate crisis, voter suppression, and widespread disinformation campaigns, among others. Students are invited to propose projects that aim to combat these threats on a small scale, promoting justice within their university community. USM encourages participation from students representing a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

Towson University promotes Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility through the Tiger Pledge. Students are encouraged to take the Tiger Pledge during New Student Convocation and at Commencement, and are challenged to live up to the ideals of the pledge while at TU and as alumni.  

We accomplish this by promoting political engagement, sponsoring environmental initiatives, creating community service, and service-learning opportunities, and delivering to the TU community a campus newspaper program, monthly Issues to Action Series events, and panels and debates on Freedom Square. Additionally, we assist students who are living in the greater Towson community. We work to create opportunities for off-campus students to stay connected to campus as well as emphasize off-campus safety and how to be a good neighbor.