AmeriCorps Programs

AmeriCorps is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service that engages Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to help meet critical community needs. AmeriCorps members serve through thousands of nonprofit groups, public agencies and faith-based organizations across the country. They address areas of education, health, the environment, disaster services, veterans and economic opportunity. Since 2008, the Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility has partnered with the Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic to engage Towson University students, faculty, and staff in service to the community through AmeriCorps programs.

Model United Nations 

The Model United Nations program, sponsored by Towson University and Baltimore County Public Schools (TU-BCPS), strives to broaden the educational and civic engagement opportunities of college-bound high school students. Our primary goals are to facilitate the study of international affairs and increase global awareness among high school students. In the age of advancing technology and expanding interdependence for all states around the world, American students can no longer remain isolated from the world around them. As educators, we need to strongly encourage our students to expand their knowledge beyond US borders to ensure their ability to become well-informed participants in the American political system. The Model United Nations program achieves these goals by providing students a forum in which they can contemplate world events from the point of view of other countries.

In addition, this program gives students the opportunity to practice and advance their writing, research, and oral presentation skills. Through their role-playing with others, they advance their problem-solving capabilities as they seek to resolve conflicting priorities, backgrounds, and world views in a peaceful way. Their experiences and the skills that they use in this program help to prepare them for the intellectual challenges of higher education and their future as citizens of the United States and members of the global community.


Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic created the action plan P20 CONNECTS to visualize and construct a path toward strengthened post-secondary prospects for underserved students in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware. It provides a blueprint for the primary entities that have the interest and position to carry out this goal – PreK-12 schools, higher education institutions (together, “P20”) and community organizations – to do collectively what they are unable to achieve in isolation.

The action plan provides research-based strategies for the creation and preservation of collaborative structures across the region, and for the work these collaborations will do implementing common agendas, shared measures, and civic practices that address mutually identified community need through student engagement. We envision that by 2021, these partnerships will create a support system for civic engagement so strong and visible that educators and community organizations will feel at ease initiating a program, carrying it through, evaluating its outcomes, and applying lessons forward. We envision that socio-economically disadvantaged students, like their more privileged peers, will reap the rewards of collaborative civic engagement by being well-prepared for college, for their chosen careers, and for active civic participation in their communities.

America Counts

The “America Counts” initiative at Towson University is a structured program offering mathematics tutoring to children in grades 6-8 at nearby schools as well as at a facility of the Department of Juvenile Services. Through this initiative, the Math Department, the Office of Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility, and the America Counts Community Sites collaborate to recruit, train, and support Towson students as math tutors for middle school students.

The goal of the program is to help the middle school students increase their confidence and enjoyment of mathematics through improving their number sense and mathematics understanding. University tutors work one-to-one with middle school students in order to improve their number sense and mathematics understanding.  In addition to math tutoring, Towson University students strive to cultivate a relationship with each of the middle school students and become a positive role model. 

Students who have Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid package get paid to tutor.  Students without FWS can volunteer for service hours and have the opportunity to impact the lives of the youth in a positive way. Join us today! For more information, please visit the FAQ or email .

College Readiness Outreach Program

College Readiness Outreach Program (CROP) connects 9th graders from Baltimore City Public High Schools with TU students who serve as mentors that provide a series of college readiness workshops. Local underrepresented students are provided an opportunity to build a solid plan around how to matriculate successfully through high school then college. College students volunteer to facilitate individual or group sessions sharing their experiences, encouraging academic persistence, and helping students rethink what success means for them.

To join us, please contact India Leach at