Voter Registration & TurboVote

More than a voter engagement initiative - it is a call to action. Towson University is a community that votes

voter registration materials at a table on Freedom Square

TU Votes is the official voter registration and engagement initiative at Towson University, seeking to foster a culture of engaged voters among our students, faculty and staff. Learn more on this page about how you can get involved, from taking steps to make sure you're registered, to joining the team to help get others registered and informed.

Take action: be part of the tu votes movement!

Are you or your student organization interested in getting involved with TU Votes? To learn more fill out this brief application, and a member of our team will reach out to you for next steps.

September 25, 2018 marks National Voter Registration Day, a national holiday celebrating our democracy, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to vote. Towson University is a proud partner of NVRD, and you have the opportunity to be part of it! Fill out the application above to get involved.

For more upcoming events, visit Events at Towson University, and search for TU Votes! 


Is your student organization looking to be part of the TU Votes movement? We are excited to announce the TU Votes Student Organization Challenge! 

Between September 25, 2018 (National Voter Registration Day) and October 16, 2018 (Last day to register to vote in the State of Maryland), we encourage student organizations to get as many TU students, faculty and staff as possible signed up on TurboVote! The student organization with the most TurboVote signups between September 25th and October 16th will receive a prize of $250! 

Rules and additional details:

  • Only registered student organizations in good standing with the university are eligible to participate. 
  • A representative for the student organization must submit a TU Votes Involvement Form to join the challenge.
  • Once a student organization signs up, they will receive a unique referral link to use for TurboVote signups. Only signups of TU students, faculty or staff obtained via each respective student organization referral link during the timeframe of the challenge will be counted.
  • No duplicate signups during the time of the challenge will be counted.
  • These (and any) voter registration efforts must remain nonpartisan. You may not bring up any personal political opinions or thoughts about any particular candidate or party at voter registration efforts.
  • The $250 prize will be awarded via a transfer to the winning organization's general account. 

Do you accept the challenge? If so, apply here! 

From Voter Registration to the Election Polls

Any student can register to vote in Baltimore County and can vote at Towson University during Early Voting Days. Early Voting takes place on six different days prior to election day for both the Primary and General Elections.

Students can also vote on Election Day at their specific polling location. The polling location for all resident students is the University Union, Loch Raven Room. All other students can find their particular polling location by visiting the MD Board of Elections website.

(NOTE:  Recent legislation in the state of Maryland now allows ex-offenders to vote regardless of the status of their parole or probation.) 

What if I want to register in my home county or state?

In 30 states and the District of Columbia, any voter can request a mail-in (or absentee) ballot, for any reason—and every state allows commuters, college students, and others with valid reasons to vote absentee. Please sign up to learn more about your state’s rules.

What are my options after becoming registered to vote?