Residence Life Coordinator

We are excited that you are looking at Towson University as you advance your career. Utilizing this page, we hope you are able to find out the information you need to help determine if Towson University is the place for you.

Being a Residence Life Coordinator means you provide leadership to all students within our residential community of over 6,100 students. We are seeking highly motivated, creative, and community-oriented leaders. In this live-in position, we are looking for professionals who are able to be role-models that can take initiative, contribute to positive team dynamics, and embrace our department’s core values. 

Core Values

  • Inclusive & Welcoming Communities
  • Safety & Security
  • Learning & Education
  • Discovery of Self and Others
  • Engagement and Connections

Engagement Plan

A very critical part of the RLC role is being able to create and execute an “Engagement Plan” for their residence hall.

Housing & Residence Life (HRL) believes that engagement captures all the ways in which we interact with each and every student living in our residence halls and apartments. Engagement goes beyond in-hall programming. Utilizing our core values as our foundation, we challenge both our professional and student staff to interact with residents meaningfully in order enhance their collegiate experience.

An Engagement Plan is a yearly guide created autonomously by Residence Life Coordinators for their specific communities. The plan use the department’s core values as its foundation while also infusing RLC’s passions and personal interests. The purpose of the Engagement Plan is to structure meaningful interactions with all residents in a specific community. Moving towards a curricular approach, Engagement Plans include learning outcomes for all services and initiatives so that the components of the plan can be assessed after implementation.

How to Apply

As we are anticipating vacancies in Fall 2021, we will be accepting applications. All applicants must apply through the Towson University Human Resources site. If the application is not available, we are no longer accepting applications.



Though residence life experience is a plus, it is not required. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about student engagement and are motivated to contribute positively to their residence halls.

Job Responsibilities

Currently the on call rotation is broken down by West and East sides of campus. For each side of campus, there is 1 RLC on call. All 16 RLCs are expected to be on call for at least 2-3 weeks out of the semester from a Thursday to Thursday. In addition to an RLC being on call, there is also an Assistant Director on call as well. There are special occasions when there are extra on call responsibilities (for example: Homecoming, TigerFest, Fall Opening)

At this point, there is not an opportunity to directly supervise a graduate student. Though there are 2 Graduate Assistants that work within our department, they are both currently supervised by an Assistant Director.


No, it is not required. There are several ways to navigate the campus and beyond (including University Shuttles Services and public transportation).

Live In Experience

Yes. Our department allows for household members to live on campus with Residence Life Coordinators.

Yes. There are weight requirements however, one pet is allowed to live on campus. Should there be a need to have a service animal, weight restrictions can be revisited.

Apartments are furnished, and we will be unable to remove the current furniture in those spaces. Though you will be able to bring furniture with you, It may be helpful to view some videos/pictures of apartments to get an idea of what may be included.  

General Questions

Yes, there are a number of ways the department encourages professional development. The Selection and Development Committee (SDC) is responsible for on-going training/initiatives to further help staff grow and develop. The department also provides money for professional development travel and pays for at least 1 professional membership for staff. Additionally, outside of departmental committee involvement, there may also be opportunities for professional development on a divisional or university level as well.

The cost of parking is not included in the benefits packages for RLCs. There are however,  designated Residence Life Staff parking spaces in close proximity to residence halls or in garages. Visiting our Parking & Transportation site for more information regarding pricing.

More Information

For general questions or more information about the RLC position, please email us at


Department of Housing & Residence Life

Marshall Hall Suite 50
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252-0001
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.