Transfer Student Orientation

Welcome to Towson University! No matter where you are coming from, Transfer Orientation will get you and your family ready for your experience at TU. Orientation vill be condicted virtually this summer to prepare you for your journey at TU! Along with creating your academic schedule, you will meet with advisors, campus partners and learn what it means to be a part of the TU community!

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Students will complete a pre-orientation module, which will be available in mid-June. The module must be completed 48-hours prior to your scheduled orientation date. Students will then meet at 12:30pm on your scheduled orientation date and be joined by an Academic Advisor and Orientation Leader to help you register for your classes.  

Summer Transfer Orientation 2020 Dates:

  • Monday, July 20
  • Tuesday, July 21
  • Thursday, July 23
  • Friday, July 24
  • Monday, July 27
  • Tuesday, July 28

Not all dates are available for all students. Only the dates available to you will be shown when you register for orientation.




What is New Student Orientation? 

New Student Orientation is a mandatory program designed to introduce you to TU's academic expectations and help you meet fellow incoming students. You will learn about your course schedule, academic standards, campus resources for transferring students, and what it means to be a part of the TU community. 

Will I be able to register for classes at New Student Orientation? 

You will meet with academic advisers from your department and you will register for classes. 

During New Student Orientation, courses and seats that have not been previously viewable will be open for transferring students attending that specific day. Continuing TU students won't have access to those classes. 

When do I meet with an advisor?

You will be meeting with an advisor or faculty member from the department of your major during the Transfer Orientation who will guide you through registration.

After orientation, you will then be assigned a permanent advisor in your major department within the first two weeks of your first semester. You should prioritize meeting with your advisor to create a degree completion plan and help you navigate your new department. Please contact your major department after the semester begins if you are not assigned a permanent advisor within the first two weeks.

Do I need to anything to finalize my transfer credit evaluation? 

You can find the status of your credit evaluation by referring to the transfer credit report in your online student center. The “Transfer Evaluation Status” field will show whether your evaluation is preliminary or final.

If your evaluation is final, then you do not need to submit any additional transcripts.

If your evaluation is preliminary, then the Transfer Student Center is waiting on a final transcript. This typically means that your evaluation was completed while you still had courses in progress at your previous school. To finalize your evaluation, an official transcript with your final grades must be submitted to University Admissions. Schools do not automatically send updated transcripts, so you must request that your previous school sends an official updated transcript after your final grades have been posted. The To-Do List in your student center will list which transcript is required.  Your final transcript should be sent directly to University Admissions, or you may bring an official copy in a sealed and signed envelope with you to your new student orientation.

What is the fee for New Student Orientation? 

The fee for students is $110 and is charged to your Fall semester bursar's bill. Guests participating in virtual Family Orientation will not be charged a fee. Download our fee policy here. 

For students who may need a fee waiver in order to attend, please complete this form.

Can a family member, guest, or friend participate in New Student Orientation?

Yes! Each guest must register and attend virtual Family Orientation and will not participate in student-only portions of New Student Orientation. 

How can I find housing in the Towson area? 

Towson University offers a new Off-Campus Housing Finder for students looking for apartments in the local area. For limited on-campus housing options, visit Housing and Residence Life, or visit Millennium Hall and Paca and Tubman Houses.  

What is Welcome to TU? Is it mandatory?

Welcome to TU is a program designed to welcome every student back to Towson University. Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of fun and relaxing activities so you can get your Fall semester started on a positive note. Certain sessions for transferring students are mandatory and will be noted on the program schedule. 





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