Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones

Our goal is to provide a reasonable balance of support for devices used mostly by faculty and staff. This page will lead you to all information needed for using laptops, tablets and smartphones on campus. Students should consult Student Computing Services for support.


Visit our Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones Support page to see how OTS can help you with your mobile devices.


Purchasing procedures vary depending on the device being ordered and sometimes the source of funding. OTS provides information on purchasing laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones.

Mobile Configuration

See instructions for accessing university email and connecting to TU Wireless on personal iOS and Android mobile devices, or frequently asked questions about mobile devices at TU.

Sharing iPads

If you plan on sharing iPads or iPod touch devices in a classroom or group setting, note the unique challenge that Apple iPad and iPod Touch (iOS) devices are personal devices, designed for a single person to use. If the devices will be shared and used in classroom or group settings, they are considered an iOS Learning Lab. A department designee needs to be identified to manage the devices, and a management plan should be developed to assure the successful implementation of this technology.

Cell Phone Equipment & Services Procedures

See Cell Phone Equipment & Services Procedures for requesting and using cellular telephone equipment and services.