This page clarifies the nature and scope of support provided by the Office of Technology Services. All other support and services should be obtained through your service provider or retail point of purchase. 

Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center or submit a TechHelp service request if you need additional help.

Never Supported or Sanctioned

The following devices are neither supported nor sanctioned by the Office of Technology Services. 

  • jail-breaking devices
  • replacing the operating system with a non-official version ("cooked kernel")
  • removing security code from the device
  • installing, troubleshooting, or maintaining apps that are not used for university work
  • bluetooth sync with automobiles

Provided Services and Support 

SERVICE/SUPPORT University-Owned Standard Mobile Device University-Owned Non-Standard Mobile Device PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS
Request a university-owned cell phone or service   Yes  Yes  Yes  Request Process
New phone delivery/activation Yes Yes No Follow guide included with phone
Basic training for device functions and features Yes No, Limited No, Limited iPhone and Android user guides
Security: Duo, Passcode, Anti-Virus, Lost/Stolen devices, Find My Phone, Remote wipe  Yes Yes Yes Mobile Security
Apple ID/Google ID support Yes, Limited  Yes, Limited  No Apple and Google instructions
Download and configure Outlook on mobile device (Native or Outlook app)   Yes Yes Yes Mobile Configuration
Configure connections to TU's wireless networks (tu-secure and tu-openaccess)*   Yes Yes Yes TU wireless
Assist with connecting to web services   Yes Yes, Limited Yes, Limited Submit a TechHelp service request
Assist with connecting to Virtual Workspace and VPN for remote access Yes, Limited Yes, Limited Yes, Limited Virtual Workspace & Remote Access
Assist with installing WebEx Teams  Yes Yes Yes, Limited iPhone and Android downloads 
Assist with purchasing applications  Yes, Limited Yes, Limited No iPhone and Android instructions
Assist with tethering (e.g. mobile hotspot)  Yes No No Submit a TechHelp service request
Assist with operating system updates  Yes No No iPhone and Android instructions
Troubleshoot software and hardware issues   Yes Yes, Limited No Submit a TechHelp service request
Help backup device Yes, Limited Yes, Limited No iPhone and Android instructions
Help restore device  Yes, Limited  Yes, Limited No iPhoneAndroid, and Samsung instructions
Assist with resets/factory resets   Yes Yes, Limited Yes, Limited

iPhone and Android self-help instructions 

Work with carrier/vendor to replace hardware   Yes Yes No Submit a TechHelp service request
Assist with Wi-Fi Calling   Yes, Limited Yes, Limited No iPhone and Android instructions 
Travel request (Temporary International plan)  Yes Yes No Submit a TechHelp service request two weeks prior to traveling

*For assistance with connections to off-campus wireless networks see the customer service or local support for that location.