Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) software is funded for all classrooms and computer labs, and is for use by the students and employees of Towson University.

Adobe software is licensed for Maryland educational institutions through a contract with the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC). TU Adobe software licensing is paid for by Student Technology Fees. There is no cost for Adobe software to colleges and departments. The University reimburses the student technology fund for each approved employee Adobe license.

Employees and department technology staff are responsible for and expected to update Adobe CC already installed on office, classroom, and computer lab computers. 

TU Classrooms and Computer Labs

Colleges and departments are encouraged to install the software in all classrooms and computer labs on campus for all students to access. For the current list of Adobe software, see Adobe Software Apps & Packages for Classrooms and Computer Labs.

TU Employees

Faculty, staff, and student employees can be granted access to the Adobe cloud and licensed software. Follow the procedures below, and once registered, sign into the Adobe cloud to install and manage Adobe apps on university office computer/s.

Faculty are eligible for Adobe software on their office computer to do academic, research, or business work for the University. Approval is needed from their chairperson, whom approves and initiates the request by following the appropriate Adobe CC Request Procedure.

Staff and student employees are eligible to access Adobe software on their office computer to perform work they do for the University. Department and student employee supervisor’s approve and initiate the request by following the appropriate Adobe CC Request Procedure


Students not employed by the University are not eligible to access Adobe software on office computers. They are only licensed to access Adobe software in university classrooms, computer labs, and open computer facilities in Cook Library and OTS Student Computing Services locations. 

Adobe Software Support

OTS provides the request and registration process that enables TU employees to access the licensed Adobe software on the Adobe cloud. OTS also provides the Adobe software packages for technology staff in colleges and departments to install and update Adobe software in classrooms and computer labs. For more information on Adobe software at Towson, see the TU Adobe FAQs.

Support for Adobe products and services can be found online. See Adobe Resources for some popular resources.    

Other Adobe Software Available at TU

For information on other Adobe software available at Towson University that is not included in Adobe CC, see all Adobe Software Installations.

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