For Faculty

Did you know?

You can move your course online!

All courses that exist in PeopleSoft can be found with enrollments in Blackboard. To get started, follow the steps on the on the Faculty Resources webpage. You'll also find lots of self-help documents and videos for customizing your course in the system.

Once you're all set up in Blackboard, use it to hold virtual class meetings. Need help along the way? Contact the TU Blackboard Team.

Using Blackboard

Be sure to review the Blackboard Procedures and Guidelines (PDF).  

Course Sites

Blackboard courses are generated via PeopleSoft system. If you do not see a course you are teaching, please submit a Course Request form.

Combining Courses

If you would like to merge enrollments into one Blackboard course site please submit a Course Combine request. Please note: that this request can take 2-3 business days to complete.

Shell Courses

Shell courses allow instructors to populate a Blackboard course with class materials related to courses they teach every term. This allows a faculty member to update the shell course and then copy it each semester to multiple courses. Students will not access a shell course. For more details and to request a shell course please submit a Course Request

Master Courses

Master courses allow a program coordinator to populate a course on Blackboard with course materials related to a program or particular course that, regardless of section, has the same course materials. This master course can then be copied to multiple courses regardless of the instructor. Students will not access a master course. For more details and to request a master course please submit a Course Request.   

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