Department of Management

Our department provides graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful managers in a variety of organizational settings. Our graduates gain global perspectives, ethical grounding, technological competency and a desire for lifelong learning. 

Without organized human activity, civilization cannot progress or hope to maintain the momentum of progress. The two most critical elements of efficient and effective operations are management and leadership of organized activities in formal organizations.

The programs of study in management are designed to develop the critical, marketable skills that employers seek. Courses and programs of study within the department emphasize the development of global awareness, ethical decision-making, technological competency and ongoing personal and professional development.

Because management is a broad field of study, concentrations in entrepreneurshiphuman resource management, international business and leadership and management offer students a flexible course of study that can be tailored to meet their specific career objectives.

We subscribe to the concept of continuous improvement, both as a value and as a process. Ongoing curricula development ensures that courses reflect the current practices used by organizations. We also promote interdisciplinary learning and experiential learning so students can apply the knowledge to create solutions for challenges faced by organizations.

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Department of Management

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Mon - Fri: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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