Business Admin Major: Leadership & Management

Towson University College of Business and economics students in a management class

Do you aspire to to lead an enterprise, both big and small, rather than work in functional areas of business, such as finance, marketing or operations? Get a head start on your path with the business administration major with a concentration in leadership and management. 

The management curriculum will help you make the transition from specialist to generalist; from analyst to integrator; from tactician to strategist; and from a team/organizational member to a leader.

Management education at Towson University is more than learning business formulas, theories and principles. It subscribes to the vision that successful enterprise leadership is achieved when the leader is seen as being authentic, with passion for self-discovery and growth.

Admission Requirements

Business administration is a screened major. Students are admitted to the business administration major (BUAD) only after successfully completing a set of required courses with an average GPA of 2.7 or higher in those courses and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. See all admission requirements.

Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions

View degree requirements and course descriptions for the business administration major with the leadership and management concentration in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Plan of Study

See the suggested four-year plan of study for the current catalog year. If your catalog year is different, you can find an advising form that corresponds with your catalog year on the advising forms page.