Undergraduate Programs


For students entering the business world, marketing offers exciting opportunities. Do you want to translate creative ideas into practical realities? Do you want to develop innovative business strategies from in-depth data analysis? Do you want to engage clients and business partners and demonstrate how your product provides real value? If you find any of these possibilities intriguing, marketing may be the field for you.

The department offers the major in business administration with a marketing concentration and a marketing minor. The department also offers two exciting graduate programs: the master's in marketing intelligence and the post-baccalaureate certificate in interactive marketing.

Business Administration Major: Marketing Concentration
Marketing Minor

Legal Studies

The marketing department also houses the major in business administration with a concentration in legal studies. This program focuses on applied business and decision-making. A student need not major in legal studies to be qualified for law school; nevertheless, the legal studies concentration will provide a student with the necessary tools for a career in business or law school success.

Business Administration Major: Legal Studies