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The Baltimore Hebrew Institute (formerly Baltimore Hebrew University) at Towson University is committed to supporting the education of Jewish studies scholars, educators and communal professionals who excel in their chosen fields. 

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We offer generous scholarships and work with each student to custom tailor a program that meets their goals.  In addition, Baltimore Hebrew Institute offers engaging non-degree courses and lectures that provide opportunities for adults to deepen their understanding of Jewish and Israeli culture, history, education and community.

Baltimore Hebrew Institute (BHI) has three main areas of focus:

Commencement Speaker Stephanie Aseraph

View this video of Commencement speaker Stephanie Aseraph who completed the five-year BA/MA degree in Family Studies and Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service.

Judaic Books and Artifacts

We are honored and proud to sustain and expand the largest collection of Judaic books and artifacts from the Mid-Atlantic through the Southeastern United States, housed at Towson's Albert S. Cook Library

Faculty Profile
Hana Bor

Hana Bor

Program Director, Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service graduate programs

Dr. Hana Bor is the Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Professor, Program Director for Leadership in Jewish Education & Communal Service graduate programs, and is responsible for the creation of the 5-year BA/MA degree program in Family Studies and Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service.


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