Scholarships & Fellowships

Baltimore Hebrew Institute (BHI ) is committed to supporting the education of Judaic scholars, educators, and communal professionals who exemplify excellence in their chosen fields. Students enrolled in TU’s graduate Judaic Studies and Jewish Professional programs have access to an array of financial assistance.

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Midcareer Fellows 

The Midcareer Fellowship

The Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University accepts applications for the Midcareer Fellowship, a generous national fellowship program that helps you pay for part-time study while you work in your community. The program is designed for those who work in Jewish education and community organizations and want to strengthen their management or pedagogic skills as well as enhance their Jewish knowledge.


Requirements for the program may change year to year, however, general qualifications require that all prospective BHI midcareer fellows must:

  • be currently employed in the Jewish community 
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • take a minimum of two courses per term toward a Masters in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service at Towson University
  • submit a resume and complete a short questionnaire regarding your professional goals

If you meet the above qualifications, please Email Diane Seegull at to request more information regarding the application process.  

Need-based Scholarship

Need-based scholarships will be granted based on Towson University criteria for need and will be awarded based on ranking by the TU Financial Aid office. If you qualify, please submit your FAFSA to the Towson University Financial Aid Office and also submit a written request to the BHI office explaining any special circumstances that should be considered along with the TU Financial Aid Office FAFSA ranking.

Merit-based Scholarship

Students receiving merit scholarships from BHI must take two or more 3-credit courses per term that apply toward the student's Judaic Studies degree. Students receiving a merit scholarship must come into the graduate program with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and/or have a minimum GPA of 3.4 while in the graduate program.

If you qualify, please submit a written request to the BHI office explaining your qualifications for a Merit Scholarship. Email requests to Diane Seegull at  or mail to:

  • Baltimore Hebrew Institute
    Towson University
    8000 York Road
    Towson, MD 21252

BHI Judaic Award

This scholarship is for students working in the Jewish community. Students working in Jewish institutions are required to be working a minimum of 20 hours per week. Students teaching in a Jewish religious or day school are required to be teaching a minimum of 2 hours per week. 

If you qualify, please have your supervisor send a letter on the organization’s letterhead confirming your employment and employment hours. Letters may be sent via email to Diane Seegull at   or mail to:

  • Baltimore Hebrew Institute
    Towson University
    8000 York Road
    Towson, MD 21252

NOTE: An employment confirmation letter is required for each semester.

Deadlines for Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards

  • All requests for scholarship must be received in the BHI office one month prior to the start of the term.
  • BHI Judaic Award employment confirmation letters are due one month prior to the start of the term.

Golden I.D. Tuition Waiver Program

The Golden I.D. Tuition Waiver Program is offered to senior citizens at least 60 years of age. The program offers a substantially discounted flat-fee rate for up to three undergraduate or graduate courses (with 11-unit maximum) in fall or spring terms and for up to two courses (with 7-unit maximum) in the summer.