History Major

Expand your view of the world and gain a better understanding of how events of the past shape the future.

With a major in history, you will learn about cause and effect as you examine the human record and discover both continuity and change in historical events over time. History majors may either receive a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree if they complete intermediate courses in a modern foreign language. Talk to your adviser about applying to the departmental honors program in your junior year and about writing an honors thesis. View the History Major Course Worksheet (PDF). See degree requirements and course descriptions for the history major in the Undergraduate Catalog.

History Secondary Education Concentration

If you want to teach social studies in middle or high school, consider the History Secondary Education concentration. This course of study leads to certification to teach in Maryland upon graduation.


The History Department offers courses ranging from the ancient past to the present day, from global history to the history of Baltimore. You can view course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog, and the courses offered in the Fall 2023-Fall 2024 semesters (PDF).

Students also have the opportunity to develop their own independent course of study and to seek internships under the supervision of the History Department. Some students may wish to pursue Departmental Honors.

Honors Program

The history department offers a Departmental Honors Program for students who want to write an honors thesis. Students apply in their junior year. Students who are interested should consult their adviser and the department chair no later than the first term of the junior year.