Public Communication Center

The Public Communication Center (PCC) provides speech advice to improve speaking skills, increase preparedness and confidence, and expand advocacy skills.


Erin Miller assists student with speech.
Erin Miller ’18 assisting a student with her speech. 

The Public Communication Center provides mentoring for Towson University scholars, holds workshops and classroom visits, hosts two communication inspired events each term, as well as presents Towson University’s Public Speaking Competition every spring.

Schedule an in-person appointment. Spring 2024 appointments are available now. Come see our new location in the Psychology Building Room 402.

Welcome to the PCC

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Specializations of the PCC

The Public Communication Center is offering in-person appointments in Spring 2024!

Outlining and Organization

Mentors have the knowledge of different organization styles and the key parts for introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions.

Speech Anxiety

Feeling nervous or anxious before a presentation is completely normal. Mentors are taught to identify speech anxiety and can lead students through exercises to address their anxiety.

Rehearsal and Delivery

Body language, vocal fillers and gestures are all elements of delivery that mentors can help clients improve. The Public Communication Center also has the ability to record student speeches.  

Visual Aids and Design

The content on a visual aid is just as important as the design. Mentors are trained in elements of visual design to help students create the most appealing and cohesive visual aid to compliment their presentation.

The PCC strives to help students of all majors improve their communication. Communication is complex, consisting of nonverbal, interpersonal, and intercultural communication. If you need specific assistance, please contact the PCC and we will cater a mentoring appointment to your needs.  

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For Students

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Recent News

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Professor Erin Witte gave students a motivational workshop on how to embrace their inner TedX speaker.

Stage Fright, ’19

Over 60 students attended this workshop to learn how to conquer their public speaking fears.