For Faculty & Staff

The Public Communication Center is a resource for students, staff, and faculty to better their understandings of speech, advocacy and interpersonal skills. 

The Public Communication Center (PCC) is excited to provide mentors specializing in public speaking skills. The PCC offers individual appointments, group appointments, class visits, workshops, and several events per semester. The PCC is housed within the Communication Studies department. 

Visiting the PCC

Professors will receive an electronic report form when their student(s) attended an appointment. The report form will detail what the mentor and the student worked on at their appointment. If you would like a “yellow slip,” please let your students know to ask for one at the end of their appointment.   

Our Scheduling software


We use WCONLINE to schedule appointments. During a class visit, the mentor will demonstrate how to use the scheduling system. This is how your students will make appointments to visit the PCC.

Class Visits 

We recommend scheduling a class visit if your students are required to attend the PCC at least once during the semester. Class visits help both the professor and the students understand how the PCC can help them.

Class visit request

Help your Students Understand the PCC

The PCC offers class visits to explain our services and how we can assist your students in preparing their speeches or presentations. A PCC mentor will visit your class and give a brief 10 minute presentation at the beginning of class time. They will demonstrate our location, what a mentoring session is like, how to make an appointment and how to contact us. To schedule a class session, please email Sarah Parker Hughes ().

Please notify , of the assignment your students will be bringing to the PCC to ensure the mentors are prepared for your students. 

To discuss bringing an alternative collaboration for your class, please reach out to the director, Sarah Parker-Hughes at .

Are you interested in winning a monetary prize for your public speaking skills? Audition for the Towson University's Public Speaking Competition.

Public Speaking Competition

Contact Information

The Public Communication Center

Sarah Parker-Hughes

Psychology Building

Room 402 C


In-person appointments available