Mentor Recruitment

The Public Communication Center (PCC) is a growing academic resource at Towson University. Recruitment will typically take place in the spring for the new mentors to begin in the fall term. 

The PCC currently has a staff of 13 consultants. The PCC is a growing academic recourse on campus and is looking to grow the diversity of our consultant staff. The number of mentors the PCC is recruiting is dependent on many different factors. Typically, recruitment occurs during a spring term for the new mentors to begin in the fall term.

The mentor qualifications, interview rubric and recruitment schedule are detailed below. For more information regarding becoming a PCC mentor, please contact the PCC director, .  

Mentor Qualifications

There is NOT a major qualification. Students from all majors are welcome to apply to become a PCC mentor. 

Mentor Requirements

  • taken at least COMM 131, public speaking, or an equivalent 
  • the ability to work two consecutive semesters (if hired in the fall)
  • the ability to work on their own and as a group 
  • the ability to follow procedure under pressure

Preferred but not required

  • taken COMM 303, advanced public speaking, or an equivalent 
  • prior mentoring experience 
  • experience or interest in advertising, graphic design, videography and other creative mediums

Interview Process

Students interested in mentoring should be prepared to bring the following with them to an interview: a short introduction speech, resume and tentative fall schedule.  

The director and Chair of Communication Studies will be asking a variety of questions to determine whether the applicant aligns with the PCC culture and will be an asset to the overall team. 

Recruitment Schedule

Recruitment typically occurs in the fall term. There may be a small recruitment held in the spring term to replace mentors who have graduated, but this will be determined on a situational basis.

For more information regarding a paid position, please contact .


Interest Meeting



Please plan to attend our interest meeting to learn more about the PCC and what being a mentor is like. 




Applicants will be contacted via email to schedule an interview. 



via Email

Once interviews have concluded, candidates will be contacted with the decision.