For Students

The Public Communication Center offers 30 minute or hour long appointments for students to work with a mentor to improve their public speaking and advocacy skills. 

A mentoring session can help a student at any point in the speech process. Mentors can help students: 

  • choose or research their topic
  • improve their outlining and organization
  • rehearse and deliver their speech 
  • improve their visual aids 
  • combat speech anxiety 


Students can schedule an appointment for a 30 minute session or an hour long session. The amount of time a session takes depends on the number of people attending the session and the amount of material the student would like to cover. Appointments are all virtual and in-person for Fall 2022.

Individual Appointment

One-on-one appointments with a mentor can be scheduled for 30 minutes or an hour. We recommend an hour long appointment if you would like to discuss more than just one topic area of concern. 

Group Appointment

A group of students meeting with a mentor MUST meet for an hour long appointment. If the group does not schedule for an hour long appointment, when the group arrives for their session they will be asked to reschedule for an hour long session.

Fall 2022 appointments are in-person and virtual.

Make An Appointment

Visiting the PCC 

Once your appointment has finished, you will be asked to fill out a brief survey to help us improve our center. 

Is your virtual visit required?

If your professor required a PCC visit, a client report form will be emailed to your professor after your appointment. Some professors require a golden ticket as proof of attendance as well; the professor will inform their students if this is necessary. 

Is your appointment for extra credit? 

Please bring a presentation or speech to work on from your class. Tell your mentor that you are attending for extra credit to ensure they acknowledge this in there client report form. 

find the mentor for you

Who Specializes in my Topic? 

The PCC has 15 different mentors of diverse backgrounds to assist students in their speeches or presentations. To make the most of your appointment, Meet Our Mentors to find a mentor who suits your topic.