COVID-19 Vaccines

Information for the TU community about registering for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Priority Vaccine Eligibility

University System of Maryland employees working on campus are included in the state’s priority COVID-19 vaccine distribution under Phase 1B. Eligibility does not mean you will automatically receive a vaccine, as different counties and municipalities have different levels of vaccine availability and distribution timelines.  

Vaccinations are available through hospitals, local health departments, pharmacies (including CVS and Walgreens), and mass vaccination sites. Eligible employees should register for the vaccine with the county or city where they reside. Registering will allow you to receive specific details about vaccine availability and potential appointments in your area.

TU Employees Eligible in Phases IB and IC

Per USM guidance, TU faculty, staff and frontline contractual workers now eligible for the vaccine under Phase 1B and Phase 1C are those providing face-to-face instruction or working on the physical campus in the following departments: 

  • Housekeeping
  • Dining Halls 
  • Residence Life
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Health Centers
  • Public Safety
  • Campus Transportation
  • Faculty
  • Employees providing in-person education or student support services 
  • Employees with potential contact with students living in residence halls
  • Employees who require on-campus housing 

Other faculty, staff and students may be eligible based upon age, medical conditions or if working in healthcare settings. 

Guidance for TU Community on Vaccine Registration

We encourage all members of the TU community to sign up for the vaccine through their local health department and to maintain contact with their individual health care provider, as vaccine supply and distribution continues to evolve throughout the state and nation.

Any TU employee may register with the Baltimore County Health Department even if they live in a neighboring municipality.

TU is not a vaccination site and is not currently anticipating receiving vaccines for distribution. 

At this time, individuals who have received a vaccine and are approved to be on campus will still need to comply with all university testing and symptom tracking requirements. 

Ongoing Updates

We will continue to promptly communicate any vaccine information in addition to any changes in campus protocols. Visit to find more information and learn about tasks to complete as we work to effectively Scan, Test and Report this term.