COVID-19 Testing Data

TU is committed to sharing basic health data with our campus community. This dashboard is updated every Thursday to highlight overall trends for COVID-19 PCR tests administered through the University Health Center. A link is provided to all faculty, staff and students through weekly resource emails.

Past 14 Days

October 14–October 28

Result Students Faculty/Staff Total
Total Administered 532 195 727
Negative Tests 531 194 725
Positive Tests 1 1 2

Quarantine/Isolation Beds Available: 99%
As of 10/28

Overall Data

August 1–October 28

Result Students Faculty/Staff Total
Total Administered 11,675 3,532 15,207
Negative Tests 11,237 3,485 14,722
Positive Tests 438 47 485

About Testing at TU

TU has implemented a number of new measures under the Tigers Care initiative that adhere to local, state and federal guidelines. This includes simple, self-initiated requirements like wearing a mask while on campus or in any campus building, keeping physical distance, frequently washing your hands and maintaining sanitized work spaces.

A COVID-19 PCR test is required for all faculty, staff and students returning to campus. A negative test result within a 10-day window prior to the return to campus is required for all Tigers.

Sentinel testing, a random sample testing of the university community, now occurs every other week at the University Health Center. As the name implies, only a sampling of those residing, regularly working and learning on campus will be tested moving forward. These randomized tests are a proven and effective way to monitor the prevalence and spread of COVID-19 within our community and will further help to inform our campus response to the virus.

TU has made a commitment to share basic data with campus on a regular basis. The dashboard above will be updated weekly on Thursdays, with a link shared with students, faculty and staff through weekly resource emails.

Find More Data

Learn more about TU’s on-campus test efforts and COVID response and planning.

Baltimore County is tracking cases and data related to COVID-19 across the county on its own dashboard.

Page last updated: October 30, 2020