Student Resources

Here are some useful resources for undergraduate physics students

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Lab Assistants

There are many opportunities to work along side professors and graduate research assistants in the physics labs. The department and college can often provide college credit or monetary support for lab work or other related activities such as travel to meetings. Check out what the faculty are working on by visiting their webpage and email them if you like what you see. Faculty always love to talk about their research!

Physics Faculty
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Learning Assistants

Learning Assistants (LAs) develop active-learning instructional skills, practice those skills, and participate in transforming instruction. They do this by engaging in teaching activities such as leading and facilitating discussions of small groups of students in classes and/or help sessions, providing test review sessions, and tutoring. Faculty looking for LAs will post announcements at the beginning of the semester.

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Internships and Job opportunities

Physics students have lots of opportunities for internships with state or local governments, with federal science agencies like NASA, or Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) where students can apply to work (and get paid) to spend a summer working on a research project at universities around the country.

Career & Internship Support
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Physics Tutoring

Tutoring in the physics departments is mainly done by physics students and comes in multiple forms. There is Natural Science Tutoring Center in the Science Complex (linked below), some physics students have office hours, and sometimes physics students hold special sessions for a specific class (usually before a test).

 Natural Science Tutoring
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Society of Physics Students

We are Towson University's award winning chapter of the Society of Physics Students National organization. We support all undergraduate students interested in physics. We have a lounge where students can relax between classes, we host meetings where we teach our members skills that will be useful for their career, and we do outreach in the Baltimore community to promote science.

Towson SPS on Facebook
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Sigma Pi Sigma

The physics honor society, Σ Π Σ, a member of the Associa­tion of College Honor Societies, exists within the framework of the Society of Physics Students. Students who have achieved high scholar-ship in physics may be elected to membership in Σ Π Σ.


Drs Rubendall and Pelham

Rubendall and Pelham Awards

In recognition of Professor Edward I. Rubendall and William F. Pelham's contributions to physics, the Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences, and Towson University, the department and friends of the department have established the Edward I. Rubendall Physics Achievement Awards and William F. Pelham Award. The Rubendall awards are given annually to the outstanding junior and senior majoring in physics. The Pelham award is given to the outstanding junior majoring in a program available in the department.