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HR’s customer service associates provide quick assistance with routine questions related to benefits, training, deadlines and more. Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are below. To get direct assistance,  us or call 410-704-2162.

Frequently Asked Questions

Address Changes

How do I change my address? 
You must change your address in two separate places.  Peoplesoft HCM for changing your address for health benefits and the university, and POSC for Payroll.  Instructions are below:

Peoplesoft HCM: 

  1. Go to myTU
  2. Select PeopleSoft HCM
  3. Enter your TU NetID & Password
  4. Click Personal Data Summary tile
  5. Select the Change HR/Payroll Address button
  6. Select the Edit pencil
  7. Make updates
  8. Save


The state of Maryland’s Central Payroll Bureau requires an updated W4 form with the new address along with completion of the federal and state tax withholding sections. The preferred method is online via Payroll Online Service Center (POSC).

If you’re using POSC for the first time, you must first contact TU’s Payroll Office to obtain a remittance check number in order to create an account. Call the Payroll Office at 410-704-5599 to get the number.

How do I change my address after retirement? 
Visit the Maryland State Retirement Agency website to update or change your address after retiring. 


When is open enrollment?
Open enrollment occurs each fall, usually beginning in early October. Eligible faculty and staff will receive mail and email communications in advance. Beginning in 2019, Open Enrollment is done through the state's Workday system. We encourage you to log in to the system now to familiarize yourself with it in preparation for Open Enrollment.

How do I sign up for benefits? 
New employees can sign up for benefits during the first 60 days after their date of hire. To sign up,  log in to the state's Workday system

How do I see my current benefit elections and/or make changes? 
Current employees can use Workday to change their benefits following a qualifying life event, like birth, marriage, death, etc. Outside of new employment or a life event, employees must change/enroll in benefits during open enrollment. Open enrollment typically occurs each fall. Get more information on signing up or logging in to Workday.

Where do I find my login credentials for Workday? 
Your Workday benefits ID is an 8-character value beginning with a "W" and followed by 7 numeric characters. It is listed in your Personal Data Summary section in Peoplesoft HCM.

Your temporary password is:

  • Capital first letter of first name
  • Lower case first letter of last name
  • 4-digit birth year
  • Last 4 digits of social security number
  • $ [the special character above the 4 on your keyboard]

How do I make changes to my voluntary supplemental retirement contributions? 
Changes can be made to the voluntary supplement retirement contributions by completing the contribution forms for your provider (Fidelity, TIAA, or Nationwide). Contribution forms are available on the Retirement page under quick links.

Where can I access Tuition Remission forms?
The Tuition Remission page has forms for each institution.


What holidays does Towson University observe? 
The Significant Date Calendar lists days the university is closed, as well as information on paid holiday closures and pay dates.  In order to view our current calendars please visit our Leave Benefits page.

How do I find my leave balance? 
To see your leave balance, login to your timesheet and select Leave Statement from the top row.

Am I eligible for administrative leave? 
The administrative leave FAQs can help you determine if you are eligible for administrative leave.

When do I use administrative leave for emergency closure? 
If you were scheduled to work on the date and time of an emergency closure, delay or early dismissal, use the administrative leave decision tree to determine your eligibility and access instructions for recording your hours.

Pay & Payroll

Where can I get information about TU’s pay structure and job classifications?
Information about TU’s pay structure and job classifications can be found on the Compensation page.

How do I receive my W-2? 
W-2 forms are mailed out annually, typically by mid-January. If you have not received your W-2 by the beginning of February, there are two ways to get it. The first way is to print a copy by logging in to the Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) and selecting View/Print Duplicate W-2. Note that if you’ve never logged into POSC before, you’ll need to contact TU’s Payroll Office to create an account. Alternatively, you can call the Accounting and Reporting Unit of the Comptroller of Maryland at 410-260-7964.

How do I make changes to my direct deposit? 
Changes to a direct deposit account can be made by completing the Online Direct Deposit Authorization and returning the form to the Payroll Office in Financial Services.


How can I find a job at TU? 
Towson University is a great place to work! Our open job listings are available on the Employment at TU page.

Is there a specific hiring manager to whom I can email my resume and cover letter?
Unless specified in the job description, there is no specific hiring manager to whom prospective employees can send their resumes or cover letters. We suggest including those materials when you apply for a position through our Employment at TU page.

Can I upload my resume or cover letter after I submit my application?
If you have submitted your application online, before the position has closed, prospective candidates can upload additional documents and/or edit their applications. After the position is closed and removed from TU’s jobs page, prospective employees are no longer able to make changes.

What is the status of my application? 
Use the links on the Employment at TU page to login to the applicant system. Select My Job Page to see the status of pending online applications. If you cannot edit your application it means it is currently being reviewed.

I’ve applied for a job at TU. How long before I hear back about my application?
Depending on the number of applicants it could take between a few weeks and a few months before a prospective employee is contacted. We thank you for your interest and patience. 


When is the annual Faculty & Staff Recognition Event (formerly known as the Service Awards)? 
The Faculty & Staff Recognition Event is held each spring. Visit the event page for additional details.