Faculty & Staff Recognition

We proudly honor the faculty and staff who inspire and support our campus community. 

USM Board of Regents Awards

The University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Faculty and Staff Awards represent the highest honor presented by the Board of Regents. Each year, selection committees at TU solicit, review and steward qualifying nominations, then forward recommendations to the president for consideration. TU finalists are submitted to the USM for final selection. The process for staff and faculty awards operate on different schedules throughout the year. USM announces staff award recipients in July and faculty award recipients in March.


2021 TU Faculty Winners

Eight TU Faculty Winners have been forwarded to the USM Board of Regents for consideration for the 2021 awards, to be announced in March:

  • Dr. Saradha Ananthakrishnan, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity
  • Professor Elizabeth P. Crusse, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentoring
  • Professor Karen Day, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Katherine Holman, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Ellen Hondrogiannis, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Joel Moore, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity
  • Dr. Natalie Scala, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Public Service
  • Dr. Michelle Snyder, TU Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Six TU Staff Winners have been forwarded to the USM Board of Regents for consideration for the 2021 awards, to be announced in July:

  • Julie Leary, Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Elizabeth Shearer, Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment
  • Jennifer Stano, Inclusion, Multiculturalism, and Social Justice
  • Kelly Ward, Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which the Person Belongs
  • Patricia A. Watson, Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community
  • Robert Zengel Jr, Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which the Person Belongs

2020 Faculty Winners

Four Towson University faculty members were named as recipients of the 2020 USM Regents' Faculty Awards, among the 17 honored across USM's institutions. The Provost's Office shares information on Faculty Award finalists and winners.

Excellence in Public Service

Dr. Dana Kollmann: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice


Dr. Christopher Salice: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences


  • Dr. Josh Dehlinger: Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences
  • Professor Lisa Martinelli: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Studies & Community Development (FSCD) and the Director of Child Life program

2020 Staff Winners

Two honorees from TU have been selected as winners, Debra Phillips, from the Center for STEM Excellence, and Antwaine Smith, senior assistant athletic director for the Total Tiger Program. They are part of a group on nine staff honored by the USM Board of Regents as 2020 award recipients.

Debra Phillips - Exceptional Contribution to the Institution

Debra (Debbie) Phillips is an extremely efficient, productive, and valued member of the Towson University Center for STEM Excellence team.  Thanks to her efforts to increase efficiency and productivity, the Center has expanded the number of lab kits it provides as part of its outreach programs to Maryland’s K-12 schools to support science education.  The Center provides materials to more than 16,000 students.  Debbie also serves as a mentor to student interns not only from TU but also from the Biotechnical Institute of Maryland (a non-profit biotechnology job training program) through the Center.

Antwaine Smith - Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community

Antwaine Smith’s commitment to weaving service into the student athlete experience has grown significantly. TU student-athletes now complete 10,000 hours of service annually.  Perhaps more importantly, this focus on service is now a core function of the Athletic Department at TU, with student- athletes embracing service as something they truly enjoy. Additionally, Antwaine focuses on social justice issues on a national level through educational programs around diversity and inclusion, organizational leadership, and gender violence prevention. As a native of Baltimore, Antwaine is helping student-athletes at TU become service leaders who will continue to have a huge impact on Maryland and beyond.

2019 Service Awards

The Service Awards honor faculty and staff that have completed 5-year increments of service to the university during each preceding calendar year. In 2019, there were more than 350 Service Award recipients.

45 Years

Richard Vatz, Instructional Leadership and Professional Development


40 Years

5-35 Years

Service Award Recipients

5 Years

Mahnoor Ahmed, Center for Student Diversity
Megan Amoss, WTMD 89.7 Radio Station
Katie Anderson, Office of Institutional Research
Maria Joao Antunes, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Rebecca Arnold, Facilities Management, Planning
Emma Auffarth, University Child Care Center
Shantanu Bagchi, Department of Economics
Dena Barnwell, Auxiliary Services
Ellen Bast, Regional Economic Studies Institute 
JB Begue, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ziad Bentahar, Foreign Languages Department
Heather Bohle, Computer & Information Sciences
Michael Bouyoucas, Department of Art + Design
Jacob Bustad, Department of Kinesiology
Alyssa Caccia, Office of the President
Robert Caples, Department of Educational Technology & Literacy
Sarah Caro, Department of Nursing
Joseph Clark, Department of Political Science
Alexander Clark, Construction Services
Kate Collins, Arts Integration Institute
Beth Conway, Registrar's Office
Cheyenne Curley, Women's Basketball
Tracey Davis, Office of Technology Services
Diego Del Pozo, Foreign Languages Department
Dominick DeRemigis, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Robyn Dickerson, Registrar's Office
Kassandra Doy, Tutoring & Learning Center
Michael Duffy, Department of Electronic Media
Stephanie Austin, Civic Engagement & Social Responsibility
Jacob Eisinger, Operations & Maintenance, HVAC
Carla Finkelstein, Instructional Leadership and Professional Development
Melanie Formentin, Department of Mass Communication
Susann Galloway, Health Sciences
Amanda Ginter, Family Studies & Community Development
Brian Green, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Anne Greene, Office of Sponsored Program & Research
Emily Halligan, Academic Advising
Bethany Hansberger Essalhi, Sports Performance
Jeanne Harris, Office of Human Resources
Carly Heasley, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Kendra Heatwole Shank, Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science
Roger Heiderman, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Dorothy Hersey, Parking & Transportation Services
Pamela Hickey, Elementary Education
Emily Hildebrand, Department of Kinesiology
Kyle Hobstetter, University Communications & Media Relations
Bradley Hoebeke, Operations & Maintenance, Minor Construction
Kandace Hoppin, Department of Special Education
Kristen Hughes, University Admissions
Michelle Humphreys, Department of Music
Miho Iwata, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Mickey Jancewski, Health Sciences
Timothy Jankowiak, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Steven Jaworski, Finance Department
Ellen Johnson, Department of Mathematics
Andrew Jones, Health Sciences
Tia Joseph, Material Management
John Kaisler, Office of Technology Services
Danielle Kane, Printing Services
Jessica Katz, Office of Technology Services
Kenneth Keady, Construction Services
Kyongseok Kim, Department of Mass Communication
Terry Knepp, University Dining Services
Amanda Kozlowski, Department of Speech-Language, Pathology, and Audiology
Joseph Kraemer, Department of Electronic Media
Jeff Kukucka, Department of Psychology
Samuel Lacy, Operations & Maintenance, Academic & Administrative Facilities
Thomas Lazarek, Operations & Maintenance, Academic & Administrative Facilities
Donald Lee, Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
Nathaniel Leonard, Office of Technology Services
Kyle Leppert, Department of Kinesiology
Meghan Liebfreund, Elementary Education
Maria Perpetua Socorro Liwanag, Elementary Education
Adeana Lopez, Department of English
Jon Lundak, Department of Art + Design
Andrew Lyburn, Campus Recreation Services
Patrick Malloy, Registrar's Office
Stanley Max, Department of Mathematics
Patrick McAllen, Operations & Maintenance, Academic & Administrative Facilities
Kathryn McDougal, Department of Biological Sciences
Carlos Mendez, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Casey Miller, Career Center
Beverly Mosley, Registrar's Office
Victoria Nellis, Procurement, Financial Affairs
Teresa Nikstaitis, Department of Nursing
Amy Noggle, Department of Special Education
Andrew O'Donnell, Financial Systems and Technology
Ebony Okafor, Family Studies & Community Development
Jinie Pak, Computer & Information Sciences
Eden Parks, Library, Research & Instruction Department
Christopher Passas, Operations & Maintenance, HVAC
Joanna Pecore, Asian Arts & Culture Center
Derek Piggott, Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science
Rosemary Pina-Leonard, Elementary Education
Lisa Plowfield, College of Health Professions
Elia Powers, Department of Mass Communication
David Prozeller, Operations & Maintenance, Landscape Services
Robert Przybylowicz, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Shanshan Qian, Department of Management
Lissa Rapkin, Office of Sponsored Program & Research
Keith Reber, Department of Chemistry
Anne Reno, University Admissions
Victor Reyes, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Judy Rixham, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Sharlene V. Roberson, College of Science and Math
Steven Rogers, Center for Professional Studies
Alison Rohrbach, Student Health Services
Lauren Rowe, Accounts Payable
Daryana Rudenko, Creative Services
Molly Ruhlman, Department of Political Science
Christopher Salice, Department of Biological Sciences
Jeremy Sanders, International Initiatives
Samantha Scanlan, University Admissions
Holly Schlossenberg, Health Center
Stephen Schroth, Early Childhood Education
Kim Sels, Department of Art + Design
Roger Sheets, Public Safety - Access Control
John Skinner, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Jacob Smith, Auxiliary Services
April Smith, Housing and Residence Life
Michael Sneeringer, Office of Development
Michael Snider, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
David Steuernagle, Operations & Maintenance, Fleet Services
Arthur Talbert, Jr., Event and Conference Services
Mona Tavakolan, Computer & Information Sciences
Michael Tirschman, Operations & Maintenance, Minor Construction
Madaline Tomlinson, Department of Electronic Media
Milton Torres, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Marcus Weeks, Event and Conference Services
Jennifer Weldon, Office of Technology Services
Katie White, Campus Recreation Services
Christopher White, Operations & Maintenance, Landscape Services
Kaitlyn Wilson, Department of Speech-Language, Pathology, and Audiology
Robert Winpigler, Procurement, Property Records
Henry Wu, University Accounting
Donna Yeagle, Office of Human Resources
Yongchen Zhao, Department of Economics
Jennifer Ziegenfus, University Admissions

10 Years

Shelley Albrecht, University Accounting
Alison Armstrong, Office of Development
Donna Boling, University Police
Hana Bor, Family Studies & Community Development
Eyal Bor, Foreign Languages Department
Matthew Brower, Library, Research & Instruction Department
Ronald Brown*, Office of Development
Peggy DiBasilio, Towson University in Northeastern Maryland
Diane Diven, Department of Special Education
Philippe Duverger, Department of Marketing
Stacy Elofir, University Store
Alhena Gadotti, Department of History
Joyce Garczynski, Library Advancement & Assessment
Barry Gittlen, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Laura Hahn, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Robbi Hairston-Flood, Office of Human Resources
Chaodong Han, Business Analytics & Technology Management
Keunsu Han, Department of Kinesiology
Raza Hasan, Office of Technology Services, Information Systems
David Hearn, Department of Biological Sciences
Matthew Hemm, Department of Biological Sciences
Katherine Holman, Department of Special Education
Laurencia Hutton-Rogers, Health Sciences
Yong-Yeon Ji, Department of Management
Sharon Jones-Eversley, Family Studies & Community Development
Kalin Kirilov, Department of Music
Amy Koch, Department of Art + Design
Jonathan Lindhorst, Construction Services
Rebecca Maloy, Elementary Education
Maria Mason, Early Childhood Education
Ashley McAvoy, Registrar's Office
Robyn McCray, Accessibility & Disability Services
Jessica Moore, Department of Special Education
Michael Mullenholz, Bursar's Office
Ryan Murray, Department of Electronic Media
James Overduin, Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geoscience
JinDong Park, Department of Accounting
Sonali Raje, Department of Chemistry
Arundhati Rao, Department of Accounting
Cole Reilly, Elementary Education
Chris Rindosh, Student Activities
Charles Russo, Department of Accounting
Jayson Schablik, Housing and Residence Life
Christa Schmidt, Department of Psychology
Rebecca Shargel, Department of Educational Technology & Literacy
Tyra Thomas, Operations & Maintenance, Auxiliary Facilities
Toni Tracey, Department of Nursing
Mark Turner, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Allen Welsh, Operations & Maintenance, HVAC
Kate Wilkinson, Department of Women’s & Gender Studies
Carl Yamamoto, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Wei Yu, Computer & Information Sciences

15 Years

James Armstrong, Department of Mass Communication
David Ballou, Department of Music
Nancy Bearss, Health Sciences
Keisha Bownes, University Marketing & Communications
Jean Brune, Counseling Center
Erika Carlson-Hiles, Registrar's Office
Kimberly Cascio, Towson Learning Network
Isabel Castro-Vazquez, Foreign Languages Department
Hannah Cawley, Early Childhood Education
Jack Cole, Department of Secondary & Middle School Education
Adam Conover, Computer & Information Sciences
Brian Cooney, Office of Technology Services
Elizabeth Crusse, Department of Nursing
Rick Davis, Library, Content Management
Dale DeVos, College of Education
Matthew Durington, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Ann Eustis, Early Childhood Education
Michael Franklin, Event and Conference Services
Shana Gass, Library, Research & Instruction Department
Mary T Casterline Heron, Accessibility & Disability Services
Deb Lonsdale, Financial Aid
Catherine March, Department of Special Education
Cathy Mattern, University Accounting
Carrie McFadden, Health Sciences
John Miliauskas, Department of Music
Pamela Mooney, Parking & Transportation Services
Debra Moriarty*, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Shawn Nadelen, Men's Lacrosse
Brook Necker, Department of Nursing
Paul Shapanus, College of Fine Arts & Communication
James Shkor, University Store
Felice Shore, Department of Mathematics
Deborah Simon, Office of Technology Services
James Smith, Geography & Environmental Planning
Rodney Stump, Department of Marketing
Kipp Sutphen, Towson Learning Network
Richard Thomas, Department of Art + Design
Yuanqiong Wang, Computer & Information Sciences
Nancy Wanich-Romita, Department of Dance
Susan Weininger, Department of English
Alyssa Zumpano, Towson Learning Network

20 Years

Andy Bell, Office of Technology Services
Tobi Bennett, Facilities Management, Business & Finance
Bethany Brand, Department of Psychology
Douglas Brown, University Store
Rance Burger, Construction Services
Geannine Callaghan, Office of Development
Trudy Carter, University Admissions
Samuel Collins, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Collins Downing, Housing and Residence Life
Alfreda Dudley, Computer & Information Sciences
Kimberly Dugent*, Bursar's Office
Luis Engelke, Department of Music
Donna Fields, College of Education
Beverly German, Towson Learning Network
Trenton Gingerich, Auxiliary Services Information Systems
Carolyn Hefty*, University Admissions
Lijun Jin, Elementary Education
Michael Korzi, Department of Political Science
George Kram, Department of Chemistry
Diane Luchese, Department of Music
Deanna Martinez, University Budget Office
Jonathan Mattanah, Department of Psychology
Eva Mengelkoch, Department of Music
Bruce Mortenson, Department of Psychology
Karen Pottash, Department of Speech-Language, Pathology, and Audiology
Lea Ramsdell, Foreign Languages Department
Thomas Rhoads, Department of Economics
Martin Roberge, Geography & Environmental Planning
Karen Robertson*, Elementary Education
Wendy Rohrbaugh, Provost Budget Office
Katia Sainson, Foreign Languages Department
Richard Sandruck, Construction Services
Elizabeth Scarbrough, Tutoring & Learning Center
Charles Schmitz, Geography & Environmental Planning
Craig Scott, Printing Services
David Sides, Center for Geographic Information Sciences
Yvonne Stevenson, Event and Conference Services
Eileen Strange, University Store
Nora Sturges, Department of Art + Design
Lisa Walker, Office of IT Services
Sandra White, Bursar's Office
Laurie Williams-Hogarth, Department of Biological Sciences
Marius Zimand, Computer & Information Sciences
Iliana Zimand, Computer & Information Sciences

25 Years

Kevin Conroy, University Police
Diana Emanuel, Department of Speech-Language, Pathology, and Audiology
Darlene Fewster, Department of Special Education
Maria Fracasso, Department of Psychology
Seth Hammer, Department of Accounting
Mollie Herman, Counseling Center
Lori Herring, University Admissions
Jay Herzog, Department of Theatre Arts
Richard Holt, Department of Art + Design
Lyle Johnson*, Department of Biological Sciences
Steve Kettinger, Office of Technology Services, Information Systems
Mubina Kirmani, Early Childhood Education
Barbara Laster, Elementary Education
Sonia Lawson, Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science
Jung-Sook Lee, Department of Mass Communication
Christine Metschulat, Registrar's Office
Rafael Hernan Montoya, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades
Emiko Ortega, Cook Library
Stacey Poe, Bursar's Office
Richard Sullivan, Office of Technology Services
Jerri Sumwalt, Office of the Provost
Sarah Sweeney, Library, Research & Instruction Department
Evangeline Wheeler, Department of Psychology
Maureen Yarnevich, Department of Mathematics

30 Years

Peter Baker, Department of English
Robin Boord, Copies Plus
Deborah Fuller, Department of Educational Technology & Literacy
Teresa Hardin, University Promotions and Events
Jaye Knutson, Department of Dance
Jacquelyn Laster, Financial Aid
Bonnie Lingelbach, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Susan Mann, Department of Dance
Brian Masters, Department of Biological Sciences
Gina Peach, Financial Systems and Technology
Rachel Burks, Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geoscience
S. Maggie Reitz, Office of the Provost
Moon-Whoan Rhee, Finance Department
James Roberts, Department of Political Science
Jeffrey Schmidt, Office of Technology Services
Linda Sindler, Health Center
Timothy Sullivan, Department of Economics
Kimberly Tremper, University Accounting
John Turner, Department of Electronic Media
Alicia Vines, Cook Library
David Vocke*, Department of Secondary & Middle School Education
Marcie Weinstein, Department of Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science
Mardette Wetzelberger, Financial Systems and Technology
Jay Zimmerman, Department of Mathematics

35 Years

Mark Edmonston, Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geoscience
Cindy Gissendanner, Department of Women’s & Gender Studies
Glenda Henkel, Career Center
Alice Joyner, Registrar's Office
Harvey Lillywhite, Department of English
John McLucas, Foreign Languages Department
John Morgan, Geography & Environmental Planning
Michele O'Connor, Athletics, Academic Achievement
Scott Rouch, University Police
Joseph Rudolph, Department of Political Science
Houshang Sohrab, Department of Mathematics
Krish Vaidya, Health Sciences
Susan Walsh, Bursar's Office
Beth Washburn, Event and Conference Services

2019 Retirees

Lena Ampadu, Department of English, 43 years
Michael Bachman, Office of Technology Services, 32 years
Manoj Basuray, Department of Management, 33 years
Michael Berends, University Marketing and Brand Strategy, 14 years
Joanne Bracken, Office of Technology Services, 16 years
Margaret Brown, Center for Professional Practice, 6 years
Ronald Brown, Office Of Development, 10 years
Paul Brown, Office of Technology Services, 21 years
Lillian Carter, Health Sciences, 32 years
Thomas Casciero, Department of Theatre Arts, 29 years
Joyce Clark, Counseling Center, 18 years
Mary Alice Cooper, Health Sciences, 22 years
Janet DeLany, Office of Graduate Studies, 17 years
Jill Discordia, Department of Chemistry, 19 years
Kimberly Dugent, Bursar's Office, 20 years
William Evans, Enrollment Management, 46 years
Denise Fisher, Financial Services, Payroll, 13 years
Victor Fisher, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice, 56 years
Jack Fruchtman, Department of Political Science, 34 years
Carolyn Hefty, University Admissions, 20 years
Mary Hewitt, Council on Economic Education, 34 years
Bernie Hunter, Operations & Maintenance, Academic & Administrative Facilities, 23 years
Lyle Johnson, Department of Biological Sciences, 25 years
Claire Keaton, University Admissions, 19 years
Vicky Kent, Department of Nursing, 19 years
William Kerfoot, Operations & Maintenance, Building Trades, 19 years
Joanne Kist, College of Health Professions, 11 years
Michael Lambdin, Office of Technology Services, 45 years
Troy Lingelbach, Operations & Maintenance, Auxiliary Facilities, 36 years
Jan Lucas, University Communications & Media Relations, 32 years
Frances Luther, Department of Educational Technology & Literacy, 18 years
Cristina Magaldi, Department of Music, 21 years
Raymond Martens, Department of Art + Design, 17 years
Prisca Martens, Elementary Education, 18 years
Catherine Mattingly, University Budget Office, 41 years
Mary Jean Mauldin, Accessibility & Disability Services, 22 years
Michael Mellerson, Postal Services, 29 years
Debra Moriarty, Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, 15 years
Jane Neapolitan, Office Academic Innovation, 19 years
Sandra Nichols, Department of Mass Communication, 15 years
Patsy Nwagbaraocha, Academic Advising, 19 years
Frank Pakaski, University Police, 22 years
Paul Parrish, Environmental Health Safety, 19 years
Sandra Perez, Department of Dance, 13 years
William Price, Office Of Development, 17 years
Karen Robertson, Elementary Education, 20 years
Douglas Ross, Department of Management, 29 years
Freddie Samuels, Operations & Maintenance, Utility Plant, 19 years
Erik Scully, Department of Biological Sciences, 41 years
Lisa Smith, Office of the President, 14 years
William Smith, Department of Management, 31 years
Kanji Takeno, Creative Services, 23 years
Precha Thavikulwat, Department of Management, 31 years
Delrene Thompson, University Admissions, 32 years
Craig Turkington, Office of Technology Services, Information Systems, 23 years
Marjorie Tversky, Student Services, Towson University in Northeastern Maryland, 18 years
Jana Varwig, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 14 years
David Vocke, Department of Secondary & Middle School Education, 30 years
Barbara Vollmer, Financial Systems & Technology, 16 years
Donna Warrington, Department of Mass Communication, 29 years
Jessica Watson, Athletics Administration, 7 years
Patricia Whiting, Cook Library, 34 years
Karen Williams-Cooper, Department of Nursing, 12 years

* is also a 2019 retiree

Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The University Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognize individuals and departments that foster greater awareness, understanding and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness at Towson University.

2020 Winners

  • Faculty Winner: Robert Tappan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Staff Winner: Dena Barnwell, Auxiliary Services
  • Academic Department Winner: Electronic Media and Film, Michael Angelella, Department Chair
  • Administrative Department Winner: New Student & Family Programs, Katie Murray, Director