Faculty & Staff Recognition

We proudly honor the faculty and staff who inspire and support our campus community. 

TU celebrates faculty and staff achievements at an annual recognition event held each spring in SECU Arena.  Service Awards, Board of Regents Awards and Diversity Awards are presented at the event.

Service Awards

The Service Awards honor faculty and staff that have completed 5-year increments of service to the university during each preceding calendar year. Recipients are honored with a breakfast in the spring following the year their milestone was achieved. In 2019, there were more than 350 Service Award recipients (XLS). For information on the recognition event, review the FAQs below or contact  at

BOR Faculty and Staff Awards

The University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Faculty and Staff Awards represent the highest honor presented by the Board of Regents. Each year, selection committees at TU solicit, review and steward qualifying nominations, then forward recommendations to the president for consideration. TU finalists are submitted to the USM for final selection. The process for staff and faculty awards operate on different schedules throughout the year.  USM announces staff award recipients in mid-July and faculty award recipients in mid-April.

Criteria & PRIZE

The awards are based on the quality of the nominee’s work performed within their institution, community or surrounding environment, and are measured by the impact
the nominee makes within the specified award category. The nominee’s success is expected to be beyond the scope of their full-time professional responsibilities. The selected award recipients receive a $2,000 monetary prize and a recognition plaque from the USM.

CURRENT Regents’ Staff Award Finalists

We are proud to honor TU’s 2019 staff finalists for their exemplary work. The Provost’s Office shares information on Faculty Award finalists.

Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/ or Unit a Person belongs
  • Debra Phillips

    Ms. Phillips began her career at Towson University in 2010; since that time, she has provided exceptional added value to the TU Center for STEM Excellence (TUCSE) and the institution.  The TUSCE is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and serves Maryland’s K-12 schools through outreach programs supporting science education.  As a Laboratory Technician, Ms. Phillips does much more than serve.  Ms. Phillips provides meaningful experiences in science, whether it is for her colleagues, student interns, or students visiting for a field trip.  She leverages her previous work experience in the hospitality industry to demonstrate superior customer service, strong communication, and patience.  She recognizes differences and tailors her approach to provide a positive experience and environment.  Those that have interacted with her reported that she helped them to find their own courage and confidence.
Extraordinary Public Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment
  • Antwaine Smith

    Antwaine came to Towson University in 2011 and in that time, he has built the Total Tiger Program to serve not only our student-athletes but also the greater community.  When Antwaine was hired, he brought a systematic focus to ingrain community service as part of the culture of Towson Athletics. His commitment started small – simply ensuring all teams and student-athletes were engaged in community service.  It has grown to a commitment of over 10,000 hours of community service completed annually, the equivalent of 20 hours of community service per year per student-athlete at TU.  Under Antwaine's leadership, TU student-athletes have completed 10,000 hours of community service in eight consecutive years.  Furthermore, our student-athletes serve a wide array of organizations and positively impact the Greater Baltimore community while earning national recognition, including the 2018-19 NCAA HelperHelper® Community Service National Championship.


Effectiveness & Efficiency in Administrative or Academic Transformation
  • Barb Neal (2011)
  • Louise Miller (2012)
  • Steve Kolb* (2013)
  • Marcie Weinstein (2014)
  • Marcie Weinstein (2015)
  • George Kram III (2017)
  • George Kram III (2018)

System winners are bolded and noted with an asterisk.

Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit
  • Laurie Jones (2004)
  • Deborah Leather (2004)
  • Warren Riefner (2004)
  • Angela Rehrmann (2004)
  • Cyndi Zimmerman* (2004)
  • Patricia Atkinson (2006)
  • Francine Musotto (2006)
  • Jeffrey Klupt (2007)
  • Susan Turnbaugh (2007)
  • Samuel Hannigan (2009)
  • Marilyn Dannefelser (2009)
  • Louise Miller (2010)
  • Gail Price (2010)
  • Donna Guillot (2011)
  • Barbara Hufnagel (2011)
  • Anne Dahne (2012)
  • Jeffrey Klupt (2012)
  • Susan Weininger* (2013)
  • Felicity Knox (2013)
  • Susan Willemin (2014)
  • Rick Walsh (2015)
  • Jackie Gratz (2016)
  • Karen Fulton (2016)
  • John McKusiak (2017)
  • Teresa Hardin (2018)
  • Teresa Hardin (2019)

System winners are bolded and noted with an asterisk.

Extraordinary Public Service to the University and/or Community
  • Susanna Craine (2004)
  • Nance Reed (2004)
  • Gail Price (2006)
  • James Spivack (2006)
  • Randy Peaker (2009)
  • James Spivack (2009)
  • Karen Fulton (2010)
  • Bernie Gerst (2010)
  • Bernie Gerst (2011)
  • Gail Price* (2012)
  • Heather Sorenson (2012)
  • Susan Willemin (2013)
  • Bobbie Laur (2014)
  • Jayne French* (2014)
  • Bobbie Laur (2015)
  • Randy Peaker (2015)
  • Greg Primrose (2016)
  • Katie Simmons-Barth* (2016)
  • Greg Primrose (2017)
  • Jackie Durbin (2018)
  • Antwaine Smith (2019)

System winners are bolded and noted with an asterisk.

Inclusion, Multiculturalism and Social Justice
  • Susan Willemin* (2018)
  • Jayne French* (2019)

System winners are bolded and noted with an asterisk.

Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Setting
  • Barbara Neal (2006)
  • Mary Leeper* (2009)
  • Raft Woodus* (2009)
  • Stephanie Fowler (2010)
  • Patricia Frawley (2011)
  • Mary Mauldin (2012)
  • Tracy Miller* (2012)
  • Pat Szymezak (2013)
  • Jeffrey Klupt* (2013)
  • Lisa Simmons-Barth (2014)
  • Jeannie Mauldin (2016)
  • Kanji Takeno (2017)
  • Marjorie Tversky (2019)

System winners are bolded and noted with an asterisk.

Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The University Diversity and Inclusion Awards are designed to recognize  individuals and departments that foster greater awareness, understanding and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness at TU.

Recognition Event FAQs

Frequently asked questions

When is the event?

Friday, April 17, 2020 at SECU Arena.

How do I place my gift order?

Award recipients were sent an email to their Towson University account with directions on how to place a gift order. The gifts were mailed directly to recipients’ homes and they will receive their certificates at the Recognition Event.

Why is the timing of the award a year later than I anticipated?

We calculate milestone service years for eligible faculty and staff that have completed their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. years of service beginning January 1 through December 31 of their respective milestone year. 

Celebrating the Faculty and Staff Annual Recognition Event after December 31 allows recipients to complete their milestone and receive their award in the early spring of the following year.

This also allows time for the facilitation of gift ordering, certificate printing, as well as, the planning of the breakfast and ceremony for the large number of recipients, campus leaders, and guests.

Is this a ticketed event?

All award recipients and non-recipients need a ticket to attend. Tickets are not available at the door. Award recipients with 5 - 25 years of service receive one complimentary ticket to attend the event. Recipients with 30 years of service or more receive two complimentary tickets; one for them and one for a guest.

We will continue to issue e-Tickets. Details will be sent to recipients via email on how to order their e-Ticket(s) during the month of March.  Non-recipient faculty and staff who would like to attend will also have an opportunity to reserve tickets during the last week in March.

What is the event menu?

The menu for the breakfast typically includes assorted pastries and baked goods, fruit, eggs, breakfast meats, potatoes, and french toast, as well as a selection of beverages. Dietary needs can be accommodated upon request when you RSVP.

Where should I park for the event?

Shuttle service will be provided between Lots 13 and 14 and SECU Arena. Shuttle service begins at 7:30 a.m. Please allow 15 minutes for parking in Lots 13 and 14, travel, and arena seating. Due to the number of attendees, we ask that you carpool to the event. VIP guests and retirees will be notified about their parking arrangements.

Please note, due to early voting parking will be tight and Lot 21 will not be available.  We encourage you to carpool and allow extra time.

For other questions, please call or email the HR Customer Service team at 410-704-2162 or .