Faculty & Staff Recognition

We proudly honor the faculty and staff who inspire and support our campus community. 

Virtual Faculty & Staff Recognition Event

For those of you who were unable to join us for the 2021 Faculty & Staff Annual Recognition Event on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, this event was recorded and is available for viewing using the link above.

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USM Board of Regents Awards

The University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents Faculty and Staff Awards represent the highest honor presented by the Board of Regents. Each year, selection committees at TU solicit, review and steward qualifying nominations, then forward recommendations to the president for consideration. TU finalists are submitted to the USM for final selection. The process for staff and faculty awards operate on different schedules throughout the year. USM announces staff award recipients in July and faculty award recipients in March.


2021 TU Faculty Winners & TU Faculty Awardees

2021 USM Board of Regents Winners:

  • Professor Elizabeth P. Crusse, Excellence in Mentoring
  • Professor Karen Day, Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Katherine Holman, Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Joel Moore, Excellence in Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity
  • Dr. Natalie Scala, Excellence in Public Service

2021 TU Faculty Winners and USM Board of Regents Nominees:

  • Dr. Saradha Ananthakrishnan, Excellence in Research, Scholarship, or Creative Activity
  • Dr. Ellen Hondrogiannis, Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Michelle Snyder, Excellence in Mentoring

Six TU Staff Winners have been forwarded to the USM Board of Regents for consideration for the 2021 awards, to be announced in July:

  • Julie Leary, Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Elizabeth Shearer, Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment
  • Jennifer Stano, Inclusion, Multiculturalism, and Social Justice
  • Kelly Ward, Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which the Person Belongs
  • Patricia A. Watson, Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community
  • Robert Zengel Jr, Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit to Which the Person Belongs

2020 Faculty Winners

Four Towson University faculty members were named as recipients of the 2020 USM Regents' Faculty Awards, among the 17 honored across USM's institutions. The Provost's Office shares information on Faculty Award finalists and winners.

Excellence in Public Service

Dr. Dana Kollmann: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Excellence in Scholarship, Research, or Creative Activity

Dr. Christopher Salice: Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Excellence in Mentoring

  • Dr. Josh Dehlinger: Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences
  • Professor Lisa Martinelli: Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Family Studies & Community Development (FSCD) and the Director of Child Life program

2020 Staff Winners

Two honorees from TU have been selected as winners, Debra Phillips, from the Center for STEM Excellence, and Antwaine Smith, senior assistant athletic director for the Total Tiger Program. They are part of a group on nine staff honored by the USM Board of Regents as 2020 award recipients.

Debra Phillips - Exceptional Contribution to the Institution

Debra (Debbie) Phillips is an extremely efficient, productive, and valued member of the Towson University Center for STEM Excellence team.  Thanks to her efforts to increase efficiency and productivity, the Center has expanded the number of lab kits it provides as part of its outreach programs to Maryland’s K-12 schools to support science education.  The Center provides materials to more than 16,000 students.  Debbie also serves as a mentor to student interns not only from TU but also from the Biotechnical Institute of Maryland (a non-profit biotechnology job training program) through the Center.

Antwaine Smith - Extraordinary Public Service to the University or Greater Community

Antwaine Smith’s commitment to weaving service into the student athlete experience has grown significantly. TU student-athletes now complete 10,000 hours of service annually.  Perhaps more importantly, this focus on service is now a core function of the Athletic Department at TU, with student- athletes embracing service as something they truly enjoy. Additionally, Antwaine focuses on social justice issues on a national level through educational programs around diversity and inclusion, organizational leadership, and gender violence prevention. As a native of Baltimore, Antwaine is helping student-athletes at TU become service leaders who will continue to have a huge impact on Maryland and beyond.

2020 Service Awards

The Service Awards honor faculty and staff that have completed 5-year increments of service to the university during each preceding calendar year. In 2020, there were 309 Service Award recipients celebrating 5 to 55 years of service.

2020 Service Award Recipients

George Hahn, English
Marion Cockey, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
John Murungi, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Christine Eifert, Economics
Adela Lombardi, Facilities Management Administration
Rick Walsh, Building Trades
Charles Conjar, Printing Services
Mary Anne Czyz, OTS Main
George Georgiou, Economics
Liina Ladon, Chemistry Department
Bruce Schuchardt, Building Trades
Toni Serruto, Bursars Office
Donna Taylor, OTS Main
Robert Campbell, Fiscal Planning and Services
Darush Davani, Computer Information Science
Shohreh Kaynama, Business Economics
Kent Barnes, Geography and Environmental Planning
Rodney Dixon, Chemistry Department
Carroll Dowery, University Police
Samuel Houston, Computer Information Science
Jeffrey Klupt, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Thomas Lieb, Mass Communication
Chao Lu, Computer Information Science
Shelly Sievers, Admissions
Colleen Ebacher, Foreign Languages
Aynur Eifert, Financial Aid Administration
Shelley Etzine, English Language Center
Susan Gresens, Biological Sciences
Darren Hess, Printing Services
Ramesh Karne, Computer Information Science
James Keeney, Utility Plant
Donna McLaughlin, Environmental Health Safety
Jim Monroe, OTS Main
James Norman, Building Maintenance
Carl P. Olson, Library General
Marlene Riley, Occupational Therapy
Stephen Scales, Philosophy and Religious Studies
David Schaefer, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Filiz Tabak, Management
Virginia Thompson, Geography and Environmental Planning
Kevin Webb, Information Systems
Larry Wimmers, Biological Sciences
Lisa Wood, Admissions
Jenna Yeager, Occupational Therapy
Paul Andrews, Information Systems
Donna Auvil, University Budget Office
Jeffrey Baker, Admissions
Raymond Bastianelli, Operations & Maintenance - Academic & Administrative Facilities
Jan Baum, Management
Geoffrey Becker, English
Frances Botkin, English
Leonie J. Brooks, Psychology
Karen Carmer, Facilities Management Administration
Ryan Casey, Chemistry Department
Jerome Chandler, OTS Main
Elizabeth Clifford, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Phillip Collister - Murray, Music
Kathryn Delahanty, Business Economics
Terry B. Ewell, Music
Susan Fata, Event & Conference Services
Joanne Forrester, Ticket Office
Martin Freedman, Accounting
Karl Fugelso, Art
Philip George, HVAC Services
Melissa A. Groves, Ph.D., Economics
Sarah Haines, Biological Sciences
Dana Hall, Parking Services
Herbert Hollidge, SECU Arena Operations
Claire L. Holmes, Library General
Norma Holmes, Financial Aid Administration
Catherine Horta-Hayden, Dance
Xuezhang Hou, Mathematics
Rene Hunter, Instructional Leadership and Professional Development
Iona Johnson, Speech, Pathology, Audiology
Tina Kelleher, Computer Information Science
Felicity Knox, Library General
Larry Lay, Landscape Services
Lori Marchetti, Creative Services
Melvin Moore, Library General
Linda Morton, Environmental Science and Studies Program
Alicia Mueller, Music
Marc Nall, Materiel Management Admin
Michael Pfeifer, Transportation Services
Glenda J. Pierce, Procurement
Karen Powell, Office Of Development
Dorothy Proctor, University Budget Office
Anthony Rosas, Theatre Arts
William Sadera, Educational Technology and Literacy
Douglas Sanford, Management
Steven Satta, Theatre Arts
Andrew Schiff, Accounting
Miriam Sealock, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Liz Shearer, Study Abroad
Vonnie Shields, Science and Math
David Socha, HVAC Services
Alex Storrs, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Cheryl Wood, Educational Technology and Literacy
Michael Angelella, Electronic Media and Film
Charles Baker, University Police
Harald Beck, Biological Sciences
JoAnne Broadwater, Mass Communication
Susan Brown, Event & Conference Services
Yolanda Carter, Office of Registrar
Vera Case, Business Economics
Natsuko Chow, Institution Research
Finn Christensen, Economics
Linda Cooper, Mathematics
Rita Costa-Gomes, History
Lisa Crabtree, Occupational Therapy
Mary Curran, Nursing
Jeannie Deckelbaum, Event and Conference Services
Edward Del Sordo, OTS Main
Bryan Devan, Psychology
Laura Erdman, Financial Aid Administration
Karen Fallon, Speech, Pathology, Audiology
Jinjuan Feng, Computer Information Science
Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell, Dance
Michael Fouche, Telecom OTS
Kathleen Gould, Health Science
Judith Guerrero, Elementary Education
Phuoc Ha, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Steven Heaney, English
Nhung Hendy, Management
Melton Holden, Electronic Media and Film
Shawnette Hooper, University Police
Shelly Huggins, Elementary Education
Theresa Jenkins, Liberal Arts
Robert Karp, Academic Advising
Elizabeth Katz, Psychology
Angel Kumchev, Mathematics
Mildred Landrum-Hesser, English
Jennifer Langdon, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Elsa Lankford, Electronic Media and Film
Kang Lu, Geography and Environmental Planning
Michelle Manasse, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
James McAllen, Operations & Maintenance - Academic & Administrative Facilities
Trace Miller, Art
Christina Morgan, Office of Partnerships and Outreach
Clare Muhoro, Chemistry Department
Lisa B. Murray, M.D., Health Center
Mary Nadelen, Kinesiology
Carol Norton, Communication Studies
Linda Oravecz, Family Studies and Community Development
Jason Palmateer, Economics
Walter Phillips, English
Carol Quinn, English
David Reiss, Electronic Media and Film
Judith Ritter, Housing and Residence Life
David Robinson, Educational Technology and Literacy
Jorge Romero, Accounting
Robert Rook, History
Amy Schulze, Elementary Education
Jack Shepard, Biological Sciences
Katie Simmons-Barth, Theatre Arts
Liyan Song, Educational Technology and Literacy
Heather Jane Sorensen, Fine Arts Communication
Erin Steffes, Marketing
Paporn Thebpanya, Geography and Environmental Planning
Nahid Tootoonchi, Art
Wenqi Topping, Auxiliary Services Administration
Gail Vogel, Building Maintenance
Debra White, Admissions
Andi Worthington, Kinesiology
Cynthia Zeller, Chemistry Department
Alicia Arkell-Kleis, Admissions
Mark Armour, University Police
Sharon Becker, English
Michelle Chester, English
Lisa Churchman, Office Of Development
Karen Cimino, Science and Math
Cynthia Cooper, Communication Studies
Tammy Cross, Faculty Academic Center of Excellence at Towson
German De Patricio, Foreign Languages
Michaël Dewally, Finance Department
Islam Elshahat, Accounting
Nicole Fabricant, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Jeremy Farkas, Business Economics
Jennifer Gordon, Nursing
William Gorsuch, Telecom OTS
John Harris, Plumbing Services
Henry Jackson, SciTECH
Gary Levy, Psychology
Terry Love, PACS
Shuhua Ma, Chemistry Department
Kristen Marx, Materiel Management Admin
Diane Mello, College of Education Admin
David Merino, Faculty Academic Center of Excellence at Towson
Rachel Morgan, Financial Services
Dorothy Mundy, Nursing
Debra Phillips, SciTECH
Sidney Pink, Career Service Center
Julie Potter, Theatre Arts
Edith Pratt, Fleet Services
Dorothy Race, Institution Research
Donald Sauer, Utility Plant
Yingying Shao, Finance Department
Grady Sheffield, Campus Recreation Services
William Stafford, Operations & Maintenance - Academic & Administrative Facilities
Jennifer Stano, Human Resources
Mary Stapleton, SciTECH
Stella Tomasi, Business Analytics & Technology Management
Heather Wilson, Office of the Provost
Benjamin Zajicek, History
Emily Bailey, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Nakia Bailey, Facilities Management Administration
Brooke Basta, Office of Registrar
Tabatha Beck, Tutoring & Learning Center
Vasu Bhatt, Management Advisory and Compliance Services
Tammy Bowers, Nursing
Danice L. Brown, Psychology
Laurie Bunch, Special Education
Brian Bunker, Financial Systems & Technology
Lauren Castellana, Creative Services
Christopher Cicconi, Music
Brian Coleman, IT
Brett Cook, OTS, Information Security
Yunwei Cui, Mathematics
Jo-Ann Curtis, Parking Services
Debbie Darr, Office of Partnerships and Outreach
Lauren Davin, Procurement
Miriam DesHarnais, Library General
Daniel Detwiler, Information Systems
Dr. Mary Sajini Devadas, Chemistry Department
Van Dinh, Admissions
Jodi Dinkin, Health Science
Mandy Dishon, Elementary Education
Jennifer Dudley, Admissions
Julie Ecke, West Village Commons
Anne Estes, Biological Sciences
Stella Evans, Biological Sciences
Abram Fox, Honors Program
John Frenaye, OTS Main
Michaela Frischherz, Communication Studies
Ashley Fullwood, Academic Advising
Erin Girio-Herrera, Psychology
Natalie Goodmuth, Office of Registrar
Laura Gough, Biological Sciences
Glenn Haines, Utility Plant
Kathleen Hajdamacha, Interdisciplinary Studies
Megharanji Hazra, Economics
William Helman, Library General
Cassandra Henson, Health Science
Jason Hicks, Transportation Services
Sara Hooks, Early Education
Kelly Hughes, International Student & Scholar Office
Mary Hyatt, International Student & Scholar Office
Gergana Iotina, Marketing
Michael Jackson, Womens Track Cross Country
Tracy Jacobs, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Amanda Jozkowski, Occupational Therapy
Melissa Kelly, Student Day Care Center
Marie Kemerer, Nursing
Hyang-Sook Kim, Mass Communication
Seo Gyoung Kim, Art
Jennifer Kosmas, Office of Registrar
Gauri Kulkarni, Marketing
Tavia La Follette, Theatre Arts
Paul Leftwich, Operations & Maintenance
Erin Lehman, Art
Tesfaye Lemma, Accounting
Sarah Magnotta, Marketing
Adam Mathews, HVAC Services
James McAdams, OTS Main
Jared McGinley, Psychology
Nathan McNew, Mathematics
Sarah Metzgar, Office Of Development
Clinton Miles, Parking Services
Vanessa Miller, Kinesiology
Kelly Miller, Copies Plus
Laurie Mullen, College of Education Admin
Katie Murray, New Student & Family Programs
Wendy R. Nelson, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
Elysa Newman, Academic Achievement (Athletics)
Stephanie Odom, Ticket Office
Lorrie Palmer, Electronic Media and Film
Sarah Parker Hughes, Communication Studies
Maria Pelleriti, Office of Registrar
Gary Pennington, Physics Astronomy and Geosciences
James Peterson, Womens Tennis
August Plitt, OTS Main
Rana Rassipour, Business Analytics & Technology Management
Lauren Reding, English
Chunta Olaseha, Center for Professional Studies
Hayley Ross, Office Of Development
Desirée D. Rowe, Communication Studies
Stephen Rush, Psychology
Ashley Santo, Kinesiology
Jennifer Schnur, Special Education
Adam Schwartz, Electronic Media and Film
Antwon Shepard, Transportation Services
Vinish Shrestha, Economics
Jake Shrum, Mens Swimming & Diving
Jerald Smith, Utility Plant
Arthur Smith, Office of Partnerships and Outreach
Aseloka Smith, OTS Main
Gaylon Sowards, Utility Plant
John Stark, Athletics Media Relations
Michael Stegman, Financial Aid Administration
Brianna Stinebaugh-Blumberg, Psychology
Sarah Stokes, Chemistry Department
Emily Tipton, Career Service Center
Marcia Vandiver, Elementary Education
Rajeev Walia, Mathematics
Faith Weeks, Biological Sciences
Gary Wirts, Operations & Maintenance
Robert Witt, Utility Plant
Caroline Wood, Health Science
Lance Yaniger, Football
Zhen Zhang, Accounting

2019 Service Awards

In 2019, there were more than 350 Service Award recipients celebrating 5 to 45 years of service.  In case you missed it, here are a few significant anniversary celebrants from our 2020 recognition and a complete listing of our 2019 celebrants.

Photo of Dr. Richard Vatz

45 Years

Richard Vatz, Instructional Leadership and Professional Development

Please tune into the 2021 Annual Recognition Event to see Dr Vatz's memorable video.

40 Years

Marilyn Dannenfelser Staff Award

This is the first year that the Marilyn Dannenfelser Staff Award is being presented to a member of the TU administrative staff who personifies the outstanding personal and professional qualities of the late Marilyn Dannenfelser. Her daughter Kim Dannenfelser established the award to memorialize her mother and her contributions to TU.  During Mrs. Dannenfelser’s 46-year career at TU she served as an executive assistant to six presidents.  She was well regarded and is remembered for her tact, diplomacy, and patient demeanor.

Current Administrative Assistants and Executive Administrative Assistants are nominated by their supervisors and a recipient is chosen by a selection committee.

The 2021 winner of the Marilyn Dannenfelser award is:

Monica Pasko, Executive Administrative Assistant, College of Education

Monica Pasko, was nominated by Laurie Mullen, dean of the College of Education, who shared how Pasko personifies the qualities deserving of this award.She showed herself to be concerned with donor satisfaction; understanding of the importance of confidentiality and demonstrating sound judgement in handling student nominations and donor privacy; flexible and a problem solver in stepping outside of her role and taking on responsibility for the greater good of her colleagues and TU; knowledgeable about who to reach out to beyond the college and showing tact to meet donor expectations; and displaying a positive demeanor in assisting her colleagues

Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The University Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognize individuals and departments that foster greater awareness, understanding and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness at Towson University.  For more information on the Diversity and Inclusion Awards please visit OIIE's University Diversity & Inclusion Awards webpage.