Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing cycle of goal-setting, feedback and review that optimizes an individual’s progress towards organizational goals.

Probationary Period

All newly hired, promoted, or transferred regular staff at Towson University serve a probationary period. Regular non-exempt employees serve a six-month probation and exempt employees serve a 12-month probation.  

During this time period, employees receive training, guidance, instructions and advice from their supervisors. Interim probationary reports are required at mid-point to document an employee’s progress.

If expectations are not being met, an employee may be rejected on probation. Occasionally, an employee on probation gets near the end of the specified time period and is not meeting performance expectations. In those cases, the employee’s probation period may be extended. Should a manager wish to extend the probation period or reject an employee on probation, they must first contact their HR Partner to discuss next steps.

Performance Review Process and Timeline

What is your role as a supervisor?

As a supervisor, you are responsible for providing regular and consistent feedback to your direct report employees. Meeting with your employee(s) in a one-on-one environment is a beneficial way to build a working relationship allowing you both to identify accomplishments and review and adjust goals as necessary. 
At the beginning of the performance review cycle, write the performance review and meet with your next level supervisor to capture their feedback prior to meeting with the employee. After you meet with the employee, submit the review via DocuSign.

Performance reviews are important tools

Performance reviews are important tools for assisting staff in effectively developing their skills and meeting their personal goals which support the mission and values of the university.  Having a performance review provides staff with a roadmap to meet goals and improves overall engagement at work.


Beginning of Cycle During the Cycle End of Cycle
Planning Feedback Review
June July - April May
Set goals and expectations Mid-year feedback meeting Supervisor's review

The university’s current 12 month performance review period is from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023.

Performance Review Resources

To Prepare, Gather the Following Documents

The following forms are available on the forms repository