Towson University is comprised of a community of scholars who engage in relevant, important research and who employ cutting-edge, effective pedagogical approaches by which they enrich student learning. TU has multiple opportunities for faculty to take leadership roles as faculty fellows.

University-Wide Programs

The FACET Scholars Program

The FACET Scholars program advances faculty research, with guidance from a nationally or internationally known mentor/scholar in the faculty member’s area of study. Through the program, each FACET Scholar carries out a research project with guidance from the mentor over the course of approximately 15 months. The program culminates each year with the presentation of the Scholars’ research at the Towson University MultiFACETed Faculty Research Conference.

We congratulate the 2023-2024 FACET Scholars!

Scholar Department
Suat Cubukcu Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Suzhen Duan Learning Technologies, Design and School Library Media
Hoda Harati Learning Technologies, Design and School Library Media
Enakshi Roy Mass Communication
Donal Howley Kinesiology
Jennifer Wingrat Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science

FACET Fellows Program

FACET Research, Faculty Mentoring, Emerging Technology, and Teaching Fellows lead campus-wide initiatives in their respective areas of expertise and support colleagues through programming and mentoring and help to shape future FACET faculty professional development plans.

Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Fellows Program

Faculty members are invited to become part of a community of scholars that receive support for a year-long project for the purpose of enhancing diversity and inclusion at TU

New Faculty Institute

We bring new faculty together in a community of peers through orientations and meetings in their first year.  

Communities of Practice

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Open Educational Resources

Exploring open-source course materials as a means of transforming learning and decreasing student educational costs 

OER Libguide
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Emerging Technology

Enhancing scholarship, creative activities, and teaching with emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, and drone technology.  

Emerging Technology
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Supporting the growth of environmental sustainability-related content within course and program development as well as research. 

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High Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) 

Supporting faculty and staff interested in engaging in both the practice and scholarship of High Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) 

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