Residency Classification

Catalog Reference - Residency Classification

Residency classification for tuition purposes is determined for all students in accordance with guidelines provided by the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland (USM). Students that are classified as non-residents can submit a petition for reclassification along with documentation that shows compliance with BOR policy.

Initial determination is made when a student applies for entrance to a Towson University program, and is based upon the information supplied by the student on the admissions application.

New students should contact the University Admissions Office, 410-704-2113, for information about residency classification.

After the first term of attendance, students who wish to change their residency status should contact the Registrar's Office to obtain a Petition for In-State Residency, 410-704-3104.

Petitions are due by the last day of the Change of Schedule period, published in the Academic Calendar, for the specific semester the student is filing a petition for changing residency status.

NOTE:  Petitioners are required to submit a Maryland Comptroller's confirmation copy of the Maryland State Income Tax return.