Group Fitness

Group Fitness offers an exciting way to get in shape, relax, and stay motivated while reaching your fitness goals.  Enjoy a variety of workouts in one of our five new studios. Programming available for all levels and FREE with a valid TU OneCard. 


Towson Campus Recreation Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes are FREE to everyone with a valid TU OneCard, and the OneCard is required for entry. All fitness levels are welcome, and certified instructors will suggest modifications that allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. 

Check back in January for our Spring 2019 Group Fitness schedule. 

Group fitness exam week schedule

Regularly scheduled Group Fitness classes end on Dec. 7. We will offer classes during exam week from Dec. 10 - Dec. 13. Check out our special Group Fitness Exam Week Schedule (PDF). 

Class Descriptions 

Class Descriptions 


Move, sweat and have a blast with this energizing cardio workout that uses THE STEP® bench and risers for athletic drills. Strengthen your heart, increase energy, and sizzle up calories with plyometric, agility, coordination and balance drills - all on and off THE STEP®. Energizing music will push you through the paces as you develop your inner athlete training stamina, focus and response time.


Explore the mind-body mix of Pilates, yoga, and barre exercises used by dancers in this barefoot work out that improves posture, muscle tone, and grace. Barre uses high-reps and lightly weighted moves to create lean, athletic muscle, strong core, and focused flexibility.  


Beginner or advanced, work at your own pace with this fun and effective workout that offers a variety of cardio drills, body-weighted strength circuits and core conditioning.  


A 30-minute core intensive training that focuses on your center of strength by conditioning the trunk muscles’ power, mobility and stability using a variety of equipment and props.  


Get ready, get set, RIDE! Indoor cycling peaks cardiovascular endurance, keeping you strong and energized for the road of life! An instructor-led ride leaves you in control of creating a challenge that’s just right for your goals. Reservations strongly recommended. 


Come Lift with us! This structured strength and conditioning weight lifting program set to music uses barbells and free weights to improve body composition and athletic performance! Lift is designed so you can see yourself getting stronger with each session.  


Escape your limits with this formulated HIIT circuit training on the Functional Equipment. A fast moving, total body workout that uses sandbags, kettle bells, ropes, TRX, plyo boxes and more to improve your functional strength and power. Suitable for all abilities. Reservations strongly recommended.  

Class mat Pilates to strengthen your mind-body connection. The art of Pilates creates stronger core muscles, fluidity of movement, and flexibility blended with invigorating breath work.
 Queenax Circuit 

New this semester!  Utilizing the Queenax Training system, this high energy, interval-based circuit style class targets functional strength and core stability on select zones that are uniquely geared to condition you for both sport and day-to-day movement demands. Reservations strongly recommended. 

Strength Circuit 

Strength training circuits using a variety of studio equipment (free weights, BOSUs, gliders, bands, stability balls and more) strategically selected by your instructor so no two classes are ever the same and no muscle groups are left behind!   


Time will fly in this 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using the Tabata method. Tabata groups 20 seconds of conditioning with 10 seconds rest to increase metabolic function. Easy to follow – self paced – Fun!   

Tai Chi

Also known as “Meditation in Motion,” Tai Chi uses focused patterns of full-body standing movements to awaken energy, align the body, and promote the circulation to increase “chi” or life energy. This barefoot practice can be performed in loose-fitting street-clothes and is ideal for resetting a sense of inner calmness and focus. 


Join us in the Skills Studio for a fast-moving circuit-style body workout. Nine rounds of body strengthening punches, kicks, and body weighted challenges will leave you prize-fighter strong. Reservations strongly recommended. 


Find your Zen while improving mind-body connections through this ancient practice which links strength, flexibility, and balance poses with calming breath and a brief meditation at the end. 


A world-wide favorite, Zumba® blends Latin, Hip Hop and World rhythms for a calorie-burning dance fitness party. Zumba - it's exercise in disguise!  

Group Fitness Class Locations

  • Group Fitness Studio: Level 2 Room BU 276
  • Mind Body Studio: Level 2 Room BU 280
  • Functional Floor: Level 2 
  • Skills Studio: Lower Level Room BU 30
  • Cycle Studio: Lower Level Room BU 36
  • Instructional Studio: Level 2 Room BU 279
  • Mezzanine: Level 2, Above Gym 1

Save your spot in a fitness class!

Group Fitness participants may now pre-register for all classes online at the TU Campus Rec Portal. Participants who register online will be guaranteed a spot in class. Once all registered participants are checked-in, “walk-in” participants will be admitted based on the remaining number of spots available.

Students With Disabilities

Participants with disabilities or mobility issues may contact us for programming recommendations or offer us your suggestions!

Contact Lynette Stupi, Coordinator, Fitness Programs at