New Student Group FAQs

Have questions about your current student group or looking to form one?  Check out our FAQ's below!

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  1. How can I reserve a room for my student organization meetings or events?

    All room reservations for student organizations are processed through the Event and Conference Services department.  To get started in submitting room reservations, visit: which outlines the reservation process.  To begin, you will need to have a representative complete the blackboard training before placing your reservations through the 25Live software.  Each organization is allowed to have two authorized representatives to place room reservations on behalf of the group.

  2. What do I need to do to get approval to post flyers on campus?

    Student organizations are permitted to post flyers on campus so long as they adhere to University Posting Procedures:   To verify that your organization is a currently registered student organization, prior to posting your flyers you must ensure your flyers are stamped by the SGA administrative assistant prior to posting your flyers on campus.   Your flyers can be stamped in the SGA office (UU263) during normal business hours.  For posting in academic spaces, you must ensure that you are in adherence with that academic building’s posting policies, so it is recommended that you seek approval from that college’s dean’s office before posting.

  3. How can I update who from my organization receives important student organization related emails?

    Emails from Student Activities and SGA are sent to the primary contact for your organization listed on your Involved@TU page.  This email list is automatically generated based on the information your organization provides.  The current primary contact (or anyone with President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary permissions by default) can update this information by visiting the Roster section of your Involved@TU page.  Additionally, at the beginning of each semester, reregistration for all student organizations will open on Involved@TU and whoever reregisters the organization will assume the Primary Contact role for your group.

  4. What do I need to do to ensure my organization remains in good standing with the Office of Student Activities?

    In order for your organization to remain in good standing, your group must do three things each semester.   The first is ensure your organization reregisters on Involved@TU. This lets us know that your organization is still active and ensures we have the most updated contact information for your organization.  The second is to have one of your officers attend our Student Group Leadership Summit, a half-day training which goes over key student organization policies and leadership development workshops for our student organization leaders.  The third is to have your advisor complete the advisor re/commitment form on Involved@TU at the beginning of the Fall semester (this covers your group for the year).  All organizations are required to have a full-time TU faculty or staff member advisor. Their specific duties and responsibilities can be found on the advisor re/commitment form. Organizations will receive many reminders via email about the dates and deadlines for these items, which will be sent to the primary contact for your organization on Involved@TU.

  5. What should we do with any money that we fundraise as an organization?

    All student organizations, once formally registered, will have a bank account created through the SGA Business Services Specialist, Vicki Young, for storing all club funds.  Student organizations are not allowed to hold external bank accounts and all club funds must be deposited within their SGA bank account.  This serves to protect your group’s funds and account for organization spending so funds are not mismanaged or lost.   Deposits to your organization’s account can be made through cash or via checks made out to Towson University with your organization’s name written on the memo line at the Ticket Office in WVC309.   To access your group’s funds for purchases or to get a detailed trial balance of your organization’s available funds, you can contact Vicki at or visit her in the SGA office at UU263.

  6. What should I do if I need help with something else not answered here?

    You are always welcome to e-mail any additional questions to the Coordinator for Student Organizations, Chris Rindosh, at .   Chris is also available for both in-person and virtual appointments to help assist you with any questions or concerns your organization has.

Contact Information

Coordinator of Student Organizations

Student Activities
Chris Rindosh
University Union
9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.