Jamf Self Service

Jamf Self Service distributes software to university Macs providing standard university application packages that are available for faculty and staff to install on-demand. 

The Jamf Self Service app is available on faculty/staff Macs.

Classroom and lab Macs generally don't advertise apps in Self Service. Contact the college or department staff with questions about these Macs.

Self Service Requirements

  • Self Service is only available to university Macs. It is not available for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhones or personal Macs.

  • The Jamf client must be installed and running on the Mac to run the Self Service.app.

  • For Self Service to run a connection to the university wired network or a wireless network on-campus or off-campus is needed.

    Self Service software packages include a description that will provide information about the installation indicate which network connection is required for that installation package.

How to Use Self Service to Install Software Packages

See a brief Self Service video that demonstrates software package installations.
Note: This video refers to Casper Self Service, this name has changed to Jamf Self Service.

Software Package Installation Procedures

  1. Plug the Mac into an electric outlet. If using a laptop, leave lid open-closing the lid disconnects the network and installations fail.
  2. Quit any running applications and do not work on the Mac until installations are completed.
  3. On your Mac, go to Applications and scroll down and select Self Service.app. If the Self Service.app is not displayed in Applications, Contact the Faculty/Staff Help Center, 410-704-5151, follow menu options and report that Self Service is not installed on your university Mac.
  4. On the right of the Self Service window are "Categories" that contain packages for each category, e.g. Academic, Adobe, etc. Select one to display packages available for that category.
  5. Find the application you want to install, select Install. Don't install apps unless you need them and know what they are. 
    If a package description window pops up, carefully read it for information about installation requirements. If you don’t want to run the package, click the grey X in the top right of the description window to close and cancel the installation.
  6. To proceed with the installation, select Install. When the installation has completed the status bar will display no information and you can resume work on the Mac. 
  7. Quit Self Service app when done.