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Many software titles are available to faculty, staff and students for free or at a discounted cost. This applies to both TU-owned and personal computers. These titles are listed in the searchable software inventory. Follow the instructions below to update an inventory listing or request software. 

NOTE: Some departments offer software to faculty, staff and students independently so check with your department to see if they offer any software options.

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Other ways to access software  


Office of Technology Services Software Installation Requests

TU Software Distribution allows software updates or installations on TU computers without requiring administrative access.

Faculty, staff

Faculty, staff

TU Computer

TU Computer

Office 365 Portal offers access through any browser. Download files, self-help information and tools for the management of individual Microsoft Office installations (Word, Excel, OneNote, etc.). For faculty, staff and students. Personal and TU computers. Faculty, staff, students Both
Virtual Workspace allows remote access to many campus applications and files stored on H: and O: drives. Since it is accessible from anywhere on the Internet using a web browser, software purchase is not needed. Faculty, staff, students Both
Maryland Enterprise Education Consortium (MEEC) is a consortium that offers hardware, software and services at a discounted price for use on personal computers. On campus, MEEC software is already installed on your TU computer or distributed through the Software Center on Windows computers or the Self Service application on Mac computers. Faculty, staff students Both
TU's student-specific software available for use at computer labs and when printing. Students n/a