For Students

OTS provides information on how to use the Blackboard environment and features.

Self-Help Documentation and Tutorials 

topic self-help video
Accessing Blackboard (PDF)
Navigating Blackboard (PDF) VIDEO
Sort Courses By Term (PDF) VIDEO
Edit Personal Information (PDF)
Receive Text Course Notifications (PDF) N/A
Email Your Professor (PDF) VIDEO
Submitting Assignments (PDF) N/A
View Feedback on Assignments (PDF) N/A
Download Annotated Assignments (PDF) N/A
Taking Tests (PDF) N/A 
Extended Timed Tests (PDF) N/A
Discussion Boards (PDF) N/A
Create a Portfolio (PDF) VIDEO
View Graded Feedback (PDF) VIDEO
Course Calendar (PDF) VIDEO
Edit Notification Settings (PDF) N/A
Taking a Qwickly Jot Assignment (PDF) N/A


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