TU branded products

By monitoring how the university’s trademarks are applied and the types of products that are produced in association with Towson University, the licensing program:

  • protects the university’s image and reputation
  • promotes the university’s brand through quality, licensed products
  • provides resources to the university through returned royalties

Towson University will not approve the use of trademarks or designs that imply the use or endorsement of: weapons or firearms; tobacco/nicotine products; illegal drugs or activity; alcohol; racist, sexist or hateful language; profanity; suggestive/sexual acts or language; statements impugning other institutions; and products that are harmful to the mission of TU. Please note: This list is not all-inclusive. All approvals are subject to the discretion of the Department of Trademark & Licensing.


Towson University is proud to partner with CLC for the management of its licensing program. CLC is a strong company that represents some of the top colleges and universities in the nation.

How to Become Licensed

Any person, business, or organization interested in using a university trademark must be a licensee of the university.

For a list of licensees and products, please visit CLC’s Licensee Search.

Questions? Please contact our CLC representative, Beth Monnin, at 937-726-4478, or


All orders for internal-use licensed goods must be placed using AgoraQuote. The AgoraQuote platform is intended to help Towson University manage its internal-use licensees, orders for licensed goods, and assist in managing the collection and distribution of royalties on behalf of the university.

Benefits of Using AgoraQuote

  • One website gives you access to all TU internal licensees.
  • Request pricing from multiple vendors with a single click.

How It Works

  • Visit the Towson University Agora portal to create a new account.
  • Click “Start a Project” to create a new quote/order.
  • Enter your project details as best and as comprehensively as you can.
  • Select the licensee(s) you’d like to receive quotes from.

Have questions about how to place an order? Please refer to the AgoraQuote How to Guide (PDF).


Promotional versus Printed Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials and stationery can be obtained through Printing Services and do not require the use of a licensed vendor. All other promotional products fall within the following two restrictions: 

  • Anything with a Towson University logo or trademark may only be produced by a licensed vendor.
  • No promotional products bearing Towson University’s marks are exempt from licensing.