Data Analytics Research Lab

Equipped with high-powered computers with the latest analytical software, the Data Analytics Research Lab provides students, faculty and industry partners with a shared space to analyze big data, conduct research and participate in experiential learning projects. 

Data Analytics Research Lab Features

This research lab features industry’s cutting-edge software on data analytics, including:

  • R
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • SQL
  • PowerBI
  • NVivo
  • OpenRefine

In this lab, students and faculty will also have access to big data sets through WRDS and Compustat among others.


Call for Proposals from Industry

We invite industry partners that would like an opportunity to work with faculty and undergraduate and graduate students to solve problems. Suitable industry projects involve readily available data that can be analyzed to explore issues and provide recommendations. There is a wide range of analytics tools in the lab that can be used based on the scale of the data set. 

Industry partners benefit from engaging with a talent pool of students with analytical skills, while students benefit from an experiential learning opportunity with industry. There is a fee associated with working in the Data Analytics Research Lab. Send all inquiries to Dr. Stella Tomasi at

Information for Interested Students

If you are a student interested in working on projects with faculty and industry using data analytics and other cutting-edge technologies to solve problems across all domains. We welcome students from all colleges to participate at the Data Analytics Research Lab. Students must show evidence of skills in R or Python as well as statistics.

To work on a project at the lab, please send your CV to Dr. Stella Tomasi at