Behavioral Lab

Equipped with state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology and customized space for focus groups, the Behavioral Lab allows students, faculty members and business partners to conduct cutting-edge, applied research.

student and professor in the behavioral lab

Behavioral Lab Features

Eye-Tracking System

The Tobii eye-tracking device and software captures eye movement on screens of computers and other electronic devices. The software allows researchers to analyze the eye movement and patterns to assess points of focus as well as the path and length of focus. It's a superb tool for website user interface studies.

About eye tracking

Sensors capture eye movement including the path and length of gaze as a person looks at something like a computer screen, object or image. Because the data captured is based on behavior, researchers can use the information to analyze how people view and interact with a variety of things from websites to consumer products.

Eye tracking has countless applications ranging from game design to accessibility programs for people with disabilities. In marketing research, eye tracking can reveal a lot of information about how people view marketing and advertising materials or even product packaging. Since eye tracking provides evidence based on actual human behavior, it is often more consistent and reliable than relying on word-of-mouth alone.

If you are interested in learning more about the Behavioral Lab or working with one of our marketing classes to conduct thorough and detailed research, contact Philippe Duverger, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Marketing Intelligence and Interactive Marketing, at 410-704-3538 or


Focus Group Facilities

snapshot from a focus group session in Towson University's Behavioral Lab
Students leading a focus group session for a Marketing Research and Forecasting course. 

The lab can accommodate up to 12 participants for in-depth focus groups led by trained moderators. Behind the two-way mirror, analysts can observe behavior live.

Sessions can also be captured using the lab's video and sound recording devices. Web streaming is available as well. Twelve semi-private laptop stations are in place for online study participants to complete surveys. 


Research in ACtion

We've teamed up with many companies and nonprofits to help them conduct consumer research in the focus group facilities.

Companies & organizations we've worked with

  • BBB Greater Maryland
  • City of Port Deposit
  • Echo Trades
  • Elite Revolutionary Solutions, LLC
  • Mazda Towson
  • SmartyReader

Interested in using our focus group facilities?

If your organization is interested in learning more about our facilities and partnering for research projects contact Philippe Duverger, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Marketing Intelligence and Interactive Marketing, at 410-704-3538 or


Databases for Data Mining

More than 230 million U.S. consumer and 16 million U.S. business data points are at your fingertips through databases provided by generous donations from Towson-based CEGA. With more than 100 variables for consumers and more than 30 for businesses, this data makes up the backbones of most national marketing research and data visualizations. The consumer data contain information on individuals over the age of 18 that has been anonymized and feature variables ranging from demographic and geographic data to mortgage and credit information and more. The business data variables include industry NAICS codes, revenue level, expenses and more.