Undergraduate Programs

A geography degree will give you a grasp of the world.

Majors, Minors and Core Requirements

A geography major requires relatively few credits (39), and many geography requirements also satisfy University core requirements (43 credits total). Up to four geography major courses may be used to satisfy University core requirements (12 credits), so the total credit requirements to satisfy both the University core and the major may be as few as 70 credits. The University requires 120 credits for a degree, so the 50 remaining credits may be used for a second major or a minor or two.

University Core and Geography Major Requirements


  1.  TSEM
  2. English Composition (3 credits)
  3. Math (3 credits)
  4. Creative Development (3 credits)
  5. Arts and Humanities (3 credits)
  6. Social and Behavioral Science (3 credits)
  7. Lab Science (4 credits)
  8. non-Lab Science (3 credits) GEOG 101, Physical Geography
  9. Advanced Writing (3 credits) GEOG 401, Geographic Thought
  10. Metropolitan Perspectives (3 credits) GEOG 251 Intro Planning
  11. US as a Nation (3 credits)
  12. Global Perspectives (3 credits) GEOG 109 Human Geography
  13. Diversity and Difference (3 credits) 
  14. Ethics (3 credits) PHIL 255 Environmental Ethics (recommended)

43 Total Credits for the University Core

Remaining Geography Major Requirements

  1. GEOG 221 Geospatial Technologies (3 credits)
  2. GEOG 375 or 376 Methods (3 credits)
  3. An Upper Level Regional Course (3 credits)
  4. Six electives (GEOG 251 above satisfies one elective) (18 credits)

27 Total Credits for remaining Geography Major requirements

70 Total Credits for both University Core and Major Requirements

50 credits remain to satisfy University degree requirement (120 credits)

Many majors require less than 50 credits, so a second major is certainly possible, and most minors require about 20 credits, so a minor or two are doable.

Minor Requirements in Geography

The minor requirements in Geography also count as major requirements. For example, the GIS minor requires GEOG 221, GEOG 232, GEOG 321, GEOG 323, GEOG 375 and three electives. All these courses also satisfy major requirements at the same time. A GIS minor student would need only one more elective plus the remaining core geography requirements (101, 109, 401, a regional course) to satisfy the major as well.